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Shriners Children's Cares About Your Child's Education

Shriners Children’s offers educational services to children who are receiving inpatient care for prolonged periods of time. School programs serve as a bridge between home, hospital and school by providing children a flexible, motivational, educational experience that empowers them to take control of their academic future despite the challenges that accompany their diagnoses and treatments. Accredited educators provide individualized instruction to patients staying onsite for more than a few days. They work with your child’s teachers and school to deliver a continuation of education as they transition to the hospital and return to their home schools.

For many children, the familiar routine of school and experiencing educational growth through individualized instruction reduces anxiety and is often a highlight of their hospital experience. Alternatively, educators at Shriners Children's can assist with enrolling children into other accredited programs if home schools are not able to support the patient.

Shriners Children's school programs accommodate children of all abilities. General education and special education is provided for children grades K-12, and some locations will help children and teens work towards their GED certificate.

Community Re-entry

Returning to school after a prolonged hospital stay can be both overwhelming and stressful for children and their families. Community re-entry programs are ideal for any child who has experienced a burn injury, trauma or diagnosis that has caused substantial changes to the child’s lifestyle and/or aspect of self. The community re-entry program at Shriners Children’s is individualized to each patient. The program facilitates adjustment upon a patient’s return to school by educating the patient’s teachers and peers. In doing so, teachers and peers become an essential part of the re-entry process, ensuring the transition is a healthy, supportive, safe and positive process.

Services may vary by location. Please contact a specific location for more information.

Services May include:

  • On-site facility classroom at select Shriners Children’s locations where patients staying for prolonged periods of time continue their education
  • Personalized DVD made by staff discussing patients abilities, needs and necessary accommodations
  • Personalized picture books describing the child’s recovery story
  • Regional on-site visits to child’s school
I got one-on-one instruction with hospital teachers in a space that had way less distractions compared to my regular school. I also had a chance to connect with other kids in the classroom, which was probably my favorite part.
Emily, Portland
group of five children

Social Services

Families and patients say Shriners Children’s feels like home to them, and it's no wonder to us. We know a child's needs go beyond the physical. Our care teams support their social, emotional and developmental health with patient programs and activities.

Conditions we treat

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Halo Traction

Shriners Children's skilled physicians use halo traction as a first step in correcting severe scoliosis, kyphosis and other spine deformities. The treatment carefully pulls a child's head and spine upward, applying a slow stretch.


Amputation due to trauma or as part of a treatment program can be a trying time for children and families, both physically and emotionally. At Shriners Children’s, our goal is to improve the function, mobility and independence of each child.

Third Degree Burns

At Shriners Children's our team is skilled at treating third degree burns, also referred to as full thickness burns, which are among the most serious burn injuries.

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