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Telehealth Appointments

Shriners Children's Care Everywhere connects patients and providers virtually.

The primary mission of Shriners Children’s is to help children who need specialized medical care – wherever they may live. With today’s communication capabilities, including telehealth, it is now much easier than ever before to provide care closer to home.

Shriners Children’s Care Everywhere is available for select appointment types at Shriners Children’s, allowing more patients, regardless of their location, to receive the world-class care provided by Shriners Children’s – making it simpler and more convenient for children and families.

What is telehealth at Shriners Children’s?

Care Everywhere telehealth visits, also called telemedicine or video visits, are online appointments where you connect with your child’s medical team, face-to face, using your phone, tablet or computer.

Depending on your Shriners Children’s location, some telehealth visits can occur from home, with proper connectivity, while others may take place at an affiliate location, such as another provider’s office.

Telehealth appointments meet many needs of a patient, although in some cases, an in-person visit may be required.

How can I schedule a telehealth visit at Shriners Children’s?

Speak with a member of your Shriners Children’s care team to learn more about the telehealth services available, and to see whether they are an option for your child.

Telehealth is not always available at each location, and even if it is available, virtual visits may not be appropriate for every appointment type or medical need.

What visits work best as telehealth appointments?

Follow-ups, first appointments and consultations can often take place as telehealth visits. In addition, some ancillary services, such as nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, behavioral health and some Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (POPS) visits, can also be provided via telehealth.

Telehealth is best used when travel is a burden, during flu/RSV season to minimize exposure to illness, or when parental workload makes it a challenge to get away.

How do telehealth visits work?

Telehealth visits are fast, easy and convenient. Instructions are sent to you by email or text. When it’s time for your appointment, click the link provided to be connected with your doctor.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to have a telehealth visit with Shriners Children’s:

Shriners Children's Telehealth: Patient Education

With today’s communication capabilities, including telehealth, it is now much easier than ever before to provide care closer to home. Available for select appointment types, Shriners Children’s Care Everywhere connects patients and providers virtually, making it simpler and more convenient for children and families.
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Speaker 1:

Introducing Shriners Children's Care Everywhere. Thanks for booking a Telehealth appointment with your Shriners Children’s healthcare team. Video visits are easy and convenient and you will get the same quality of care you receive when you are here in person. You will use the internet and your favorite device to connect with your Shriners Children’s care provider. Sometimes it’s easiest to use your phone or tablet but a desktop or laptop computer will work as well.

The Shriners Children’s team will send instructions to get you set up for your video visit. Look for an email from Epic MyChart, that will provide your username and a temporary password, so you can set up an account. Any paper work that is required can be done online and should be completed before your appointment. To be ready for your telehealth appointment check the devise you will use. It should have the latest software updates. Make sure you are comfortable using your device and that you know how to reverse the camera and adjust the audio. The telehealth visit is just as important as an in-person visit with your provider. Be sure to block out the necessary time in your day just like you would if you were coming in person. Don’t forget, your child must be present for the visit too.

On the day of your telehealth visit, plan where you’ll be for the appointment. A quite private room is best. Adjust lighting so that windows and lamps are behind your device not behind you. H a pen and paper handy, so you can take notes during your video visit. Have your child wear appropriate clothing, so your care provider can see their limbs and how they move. If you have any questions before your video visit, feel free to call Shriners Children’s, anytime. Just like you always would. Telehealth visits are an easy and convenient way for you and your child to see your Shriners Children’s healthcare team. We look forward to caring for your child during our video visit. Virtual care can make connecting with your provider more convenient while achieving the same outcome as in person. For more information, please contact

What do I need to connect from home?

Telehealth visits require an internet connection. Most people use cellular data or internet access, but some families may get a better connection using an ethernet cable plugged into their computer.

You can connect with:

  • Computer/laptop with camera
  • Smartphone with camera
  • Tablet with camera

To ensure best connectivity:

  • Ensure the latest software updates have been installed on your device.
  • Close out any open programs on your device before starting visit.
  • Be as close to router as possible for best connection.
  • Don’t use a public internet connection.

*Chromebooks cannot be used to connect, as they are not compatible with the telehealth software platform.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

Telehealth brings care closest to where the patient is, allowing Shiners Children’s to care for more kids in more places.

Helping everyone connect easier and more efficiently, telehealth results in less disruption to daily life routines. For example, the patient can remain at school and connect from the school nurse’s office, each of the parents can connect from work, and the provider can connect from their Shriners Children’s location.

With telehealth, no one needs to leave home, school or work for a single appointment, reducing the associated travel costs and overall burden on the patient family.

My child is an international patient. Can we use telehealth?

Telehealth is used for many international patient appointments, including initial screenings and follow-up appointments, to reduce travel burdens and costs.

To learn more, including the protocols in place with Global Patient Service, please discuss with a Shriners Children’s team member.

I have a telehealth appointment scheduled. Now what?

Before Your Shriners Children’s Care Everywhere Appointment


Please make sure that we have your current email address and phone number on file. You will receive an email to confirm your appointment, as well as an appointment reminder 24 hours before your child’s appointment.

Setting up your account:

Follow the directions to log in to MyChart and customize your username and password. (You must change the password after logging in the first time.) You will use this information for all upcoming telehealth appointments.

Registering for MyChart:

When your child is scheduled or registered for an appointment, you will receive an email with an authorization code and login instructions to access MyChart. You can request an activation code at any time via the link below or by calling the MyChart help desk at 800-237-5055 (option 8).

MyChart can be accessed online at or through the MyChart app, which can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information about how to use MyChart, please visit the MyChart page.


Before your appointment, you may receive one or more documents to fill out and sign online. These documents could include the Consent for Care, which must be on file before your visit can occur. You will get text reminders daily until all paperwork has been submitted.

Appointment Day

You will receive an email or text from MyChart with a link for the telehealth visit 20 minutes before your appointment. Please log in as soon as you receive the link.

You will be prompted to complete a technology check to confirm your camera, microphone and speakers are working. Click to enter the virtual waiting room. Within a few minutes, our staff will join you and bring you into your virtual clinic appointment. If there is a problem with any technology, our staff will be able to assist you in connecting.

Internet browser:

For best performance, we recommend using Chrome for Android and Windows devices and Safari for iOS devices.

Make sure that the latest version of the software has been installed on your device. Please note that a Chromebook device is not compatible with the telehealth service.

Quick Telehealth Tips

  • Let your Shriners Children’s team know if you need any help in making the connection or signing your paperwork.
  • Have the latest version of software installed on the device you will be using.
  • Your child must be present for the visit.
  • Everyone in the room should be on video (or at least introduced) when the visit starts.
  • Find a quiet, private space for your visit.
  • Have your child wear clothing that will allow the provider to see movement.
  • Don't use public internet connections, if at all possible.
  • Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.
  • Close out any other programs running on the device you will be using during the visit.
  • Adjust your lighting. Make sure any windows are behind your device, not behind you.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! Your personal healthcare information is always safe and secure when you have a telehealth visit with Shriners Children’s. If you’re concerned about privacy or have any questions, ask your provider what steps we take to safeguard your important medical information.

I speak a different language. Can I still get care?

Yes! We have an interpreting service available. Just be sure to mention this when you make your virtual visit appointment.

It's great to know that we can sit at home and still get quality care without driving over an hour for a 10-minute visit.
Anthony W. | Parent

Can telehealth help with transition of care?

At Shriners Children’s, we care about our patients and their well-being, now and in the future. We are committed to helping our patients and families make a smooth transition from pediatric to adult healthcare services, and do our best to help make this transition as easy and seamless as possible.

When it is time to transition to adult care, our team will work with your child to prepare them for this change. Adding virtual visits via telehealth to this transition program allows for providers, patients and families to make visual connections during the handoffs of care to ease the transition process, calm fears of the unknowns and make the provider transfers more personal. It also improves timing since no travel is needed.

As an outside medical provider, can I schedule a telehealth call with a Shriners Children’s provider?

Telehealth is an excellent way to connect providers to each other for consultation.

Every type of provider order for a visit has the option of it being a telehealth appointment. The decision to use lies with each provider.

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