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100 Years of Being Unstoppable

Please join us as we celebrate 100 years of providing unstoppable pediatric specialty care that has helped thousands of children live their best lives!
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Shriners Children’s is a unique pediatric healthcare system with a reputation for finding answers and giving families hope. Since opening our first hospital in 1922, it has been our mission to provide innovative, high-quality comprehensive care, conduct research to advance medical care options, and provide educational opportunities for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

We are proud of our century of care, and invite you to learn more about our rich history of providing hope and healing.

This is Unstoppable

Watch as we reflect on our first 100 years of being unstoppable for our patients—and join us as we look ahead to the next 100.
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Speaker 1:

100 years ago Shriner's Children's made a promise. One made of brick and mortar and compassion. One sworn to protect and heal the most precious among us. A century later, we are still keeping that promise with facilities all across the globe, helping children from almost every country in the world, with an unwavering dedication to breakthroughs in care, with an ever-growing army of healers standing ready and able. So when a child is staring down a health challenge, we're at their side. When parents despair in the dark, we shine a light. Together we've treated more than 1.5 million patients. 1.5 million children who inspired us with their endless drive to keep moving forward. And so we will too. Because 100 years later our commitment stands. Like our patients we will not yield. We will not quit. We are unstoppable.

Impact of Unstoppability

Our impact on pediatric care and patient outcomes can be seen by the numbers as well as the joyful smiles and spirit of those we have had the privilege to care for. 

Shriners Children's In Their Eyes

Daily, we are inspired by the commitment, caring and achievements of our patients, their care teams and the Shriners who help support our delivery of pediatric specialty care. Meet some of our care ambassadors as they share their stories.
Patient Alumni Network

The Patient Alumni Network was formed in 2022 as part of our 100th Anniversary celebration. The goal of the network is to connect former patients with each other and provide opportunities for them to share their stories and accomplishments with other patients, Shriners, donors and the public.

Meet Our Alums
Our Spirit of Care

Our dedicated staff are the heart and soul of all we do, each and every day, at Shriners Children's. Learn more about what makes our healthcare system so special from the dedicated people who consider it a privilege to care and provide support for our patients and their families.

View Their Stories
Shriner Reflections

As Shriners Children's celebrates a century of providing specialty pediatric care, the fraternity that supports our healthcare system is enjoying its 150th anniversary. Meet some of the members of Shriners International, and learn more about what they do to advance our mission.

Read Shriner Stories
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One Hundred Years of Hope Healing and Innovation

Shriners Children's is one of the most unique, widely-renowned healthcare systems in the world, and its founding 100 years ago by the Shriners fraternity is a special story worthy of celebrating.
Nurses and patients in front of hospital

Histories of Our Locations

Our Shriners Children’s story launched in Shreveport in September 1922, with the opening of our first hospital. Read more about that milestone event and the origin stories of our other locations.
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Shriners International Celebrates 150 Years of Making the World a Better Place

Please join us as we celebrate 150 years of fun, fellowship and philanthropy - improving the world for children, and their families and communities.
When you’re caring for each child that comes through the door as an individual with unique challenges and goals, and providing the care that specific child needs to live their best life, there is nothing more special.
Lynn, Shriners Children's Erie Staff Member

Innovations in Care

Genomics Institute and Laboratory

Launched in 2017, the Shriners Children’s Genomics Institute is working diligently to sequence 5,000 genomes each year, using what we learn about genetics, to improve the personalized care we provide and the quality of life for children. We’re taking significant steps toward providing families and patients next-generation DNA sequencing by offering it at our locations throughout North America.

Researchers in Genomics lab

Low Dose Imaging/EOS

Shriners Children’s takes steps to reduce the radiation exposure of X-rays. For many of the radiographic images (X-rays) we take, we use EOS imaging, which provides front and side images that can deliver more precise measurements and views, while limiting the X-ray dose absorbed by the patient. We have the largest number of EOS imaging systems of any healthcare organization.

Patient in EOS machine

Shriners Children's Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, LLC (POPS)

POPS designs, fits and manufactures orthotics and prosthetics for children. POPS is onsite at every Shriners Children's location in the U.S., which allows us to work together to best evaluate a child's needs. POPS’ experienced, accredited orthotists and prosthetists create a custom device that's the most effective and least restrictive for a child, quickly and efficiently.

A prosthetist making a new device with a patient watching

World's First Pediatric Burns Hospital

Shriners Children's has contributed to most of the significant advancements in burn care since we began treating burns in the 1960s. We’ve set many of the standards for pediatric burn care, and draw on our own pioneering work when we treat a child for a burn, which can include wound care, scar management and reconstructive surgeries.

Doctors and patient at original Boston burn unit

Nation’s First Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Program

In the 1980s, Shriners Children's identified a need in pediatric rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries and established the first spinal cord injury unit in the United States developed specifically for children. Now internationally known for our expertise in pediatric spine and spinal cord care, we provide a full spectrum of care to support children physically and emotionally.

Patient Rafael in wheelchair

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Care

Despite facial clefts being one of the most common birth defects in the U.S., comprehensive care for patients with cleft lip and/or cleft palate can be difficult to find. Shriners Children's is proud to offer advanced, internationally recognized craniofacial care, and is committed to improving care for these conditions through a coordinated program of clinical excellence, teaching and research, led by our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Patient Penny, an infant with cleft lip

Mehta Casting

Shriners Children's specializes in the application of Mehta casts – a non-invasive option to treat the curvature of the spine in children diagnosed with infantile scoliosis, typically between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. Mehta casts slowly straighten the patient’s spine further using a series of casts. During application, pressure is placed on the cast, causing the spine to straighten. When the cast hardens, it holds the spine in this position. 

Patient Clara in a Mehta cast

Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering

Shriners Children's is a leader in anterior vertebral body tethering, an alternative, less invasive treatment to spinal fusion for patients with scoliosis who are still growing and need surgery. The Tether™ uses a strong, flexible cord attached to the spine to permanently straighten it using a child’s own growth process, rather than being fixed in place with stiff metal rods.

A doctor holding a model of a spine with the Tether attached

Thanks for Celebrating with us

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Our Pediatric Care

Our compassionate, prestigious doctors and care teams are committed to excellence in pediatric care. For a hundred years, we have been helping children live their best lives.