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Housing & Logistical Support

Accommodating the Needs of Families Throughout Their Child's Care

Shriners Children's has partnerships with community organizations to assist patients with logistical needs such as transportation and accommodations. If your family needs to travel to one of our locations for your child's appointments, our care managers will do their best to support you by coordinating these services as available.

Access to logistical support like transportation and accommodations will vary by location. Shriners Children's cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide these services in every case. We encourage families traveling to one of our locations for care, to make their own logistical arrangements through hotel bookings, family and/or friends when possible.


If you do not have transportation to and from your child's appointments, you may qualify for local transportation assistance from the Shriners International fraternity as available through your hospital's resources.

Please contact your care manager at your Shriners location to inquire about access and availability for transportation services. Requests should be made as soon as you know the appointment date and time.

Transportation services cannot be guaranteed for all Shriners Children's patients or locations. We recommend that families make their own arrangements for transportation whenever possible.


If your family requires accommodations during your child's visit to Shriners Children's, we recommend making arrangements with local hotels, family and/or friends.

Shriners Children's facilities are located in major cities, so there are plenty of lodging options. We have partner hotels through some of our locations as well, so if you'd like to inquire about discounts please contact your child's care manager.

In some cases, we are able to work with community partners to provide accommodation to families who are traveling in for their child's treatment. However, this cannot be guaranteed for all Shriners Children's patients or locations. We recommend that families make their own arrangements for accommodations whenever possible.

Off-Campus Housing

Overnight off-campus accommodations for parents, legal guardians, or other persons accompanying the patient may be provided by the Shriners Children's location if the family is in financial need. Please contact your child's care manager at your Shriners location to discuss off-campus housing options.

We Understand the Unique Medical Needs of Children

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