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Policies & Safety

Nurturing a Safe Environment for Families, Patients and Shriners Children's Staff

Shriners Children's embraces a culture of care that respects the rights, needs and safety of all our patients and families. Our team will ensure you receive appropriate education and resources to support your child’s condition, treatment and ongoing care needs.

If you are accompanying your child to appointments or inpatient stays, or you are visiting a child at one of our facilities, you must adhere to our policies and safety measures outlined below. These measures are in place to protect everyone who enters a Shriners Children's hospital.

Anyone caught in violation of these policies will be brought to the attention of the hospital's chief of staff. It is up to them to decide how to proceed in each case, but they are authorized to discharge anyone in violation of our policies from the hospital as needed.

Initial Visit and Appointments

Your child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to their first visit. For small children, a parent or guardian must be present for all appointments and visits.

Health Precautions

If within three weeks prior to your child's admission date they are experiencing any Illness or have been exposed to a communicable disease, please call your care manager at your Shriners hospital to notify them and make alternate arrangements as needed.

Violence, Abuse and Harassment

Shriners Children's does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities.

Shriners Children's has zero-tolerance for violence, abuse or harassment. We ask that all patients and visitors adhere to this policy and are respectful and considerate of others while visiting or staying at one of our hospitals.

Latex Balloons

Shriners Children's Hospital allows visitors to bring children mylar balloons only. Latex balloons are not allowed inside the hospital. We will be unable to let visitors enter the hospital with latex balloons or accept any deliveries of latex balloons.

Pets and Therapy Animals

Pets that are registered as therapy animals or are part of our approved pet therapy program are allowed inside of the hospitals.

All other pets are prohibited from entering Shriners Children's hospitals.

Alcohol and Drugs

We do not allow alcohol or illegal drugs on hospital grounds. If you are a patient, parent or visitor who struggles with drug or alcohol problems, you can speak to one of our in-house social workers to obtain resources that might help you.

Phones and Photography

Mobile phones are allowed inside the hospital, but please switch them off around hospital equipment. If you are using your phone while visiting or staying with a patient, please find an appropriate space that doesn't disturb other patients and families staying in the hospital.

Photography is limited to your family and friends. Please do not photograph other patients, families or staff members without their permission.

Weapons and Firearms

There are no weapons or firearms allowed inside Shriners Children's, or anywhere on our hospital grounds. This is a strict policy and anyone in violation will be immediately discharged from the hospital.

We Understand the Unique Medical Needs of Children

We provide vital, pioneering treatment from birth to age 18. Here, children have the opportunity to be evaluated and treated by doctors recognized as the best by their peers.