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Meet the AmazeKids


Meet The AmazeKids – five Shriners Children’s patients from all over the United States who each, in their own way, show us the power of possibility. Despite the challenges of their conditions, these patients exemplify the CARE characteristics Shriners Children’s works to instill in every patient: Confidence, Ambition, Resilience and Empathy. See how the care they received at Shriners Children’s shaped their inspiring stories.
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Being a kid with a physical difference can be hard.


Thankfully, there is an amazing place that takes care of kids like us, so we can still do the things we love to do.


And because they care so much, we've learned some cool things along the way.


Like how strong we can be and how showing someone you care can make a difference.


After all, being different is a good thing.


And we want to help other kids like us.


That's why they call us the AmazeKids.


Shriners Children's, the most amazing care anywhere.

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