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Tournoi de golf de l'Hôpital Shriners du Canada 2024 - Canada Shriners Hospital Golf Tournament 2024

Canada Shriners Hospital Golf Tournament 2024 - Medical Imaging

Spine surgeon Dr. Neil Saran explains the benefits of the EOS Imaging x-ray machine. - Le Dr Neil Saran, chirurgien de la colonne vertébrale, explique les avantages de l'appareil de radiographie EOS Imaging.
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[Title Card] Canada Shriners Hospital Golf Tournament, Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada logo, This year the golf tournament proceeds will help us to replace our essential, cutting-edge machinery for safe medical imaging, Thursday, August 8, 2024.

Dr. Neil Saran, MD, FRCS(C), Pediatric orthopedic surgeon, specialty in spine and adolescent hip:

So I use EOS imaging on a daily basis. Pretty much all of our scoliosis patients will have their imaging done using EOS. It's very rare that we use traditional radiographs, and there's just so many reasons not to use the traditional radiographs from radiation dosage, being able to assess the alignment of the spine, and being able to create the 3D reconstructions that we can to understand the exact anatomy that the patient has.

This is useful for when we're making selections for levels and surgery, but also very helpful for research to try to figure out who's actually going to have a scoliosis that progresses? Who potentially is going to have pain because of their scoliosis? So all of this stuff is extremely useful and it's all enabled by the EOS imaging.

[End Title Card] Help us raise $1 million so we can continue to deliver the highest quality of care with the safest imaging technology possible,, Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada logo.