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Shriners Children's Telehealth: Patient Education

Shriners Children's Telehealth: Patient Education

With today’s communication capabilities, including telehealth, it is now much easier than ever before to provide care closer to home. Available for select appointment types, Shriners Children’s Care Everywhere connects patients and providers virtually, making it simpler and more convenient for children and families.
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Speaker 1:

Introducing Shriners Children's Care Everywhere. Thanks for booking a Telehealth appointment with your Shriners Children’s healthcare team. Video visits are easy and convenient and you will get the same quality of care you receive when you are here in person. You will use the internet and your favorite device to connect with your Shriners Children’s care provider. Sometimes it’s easiest to use your phone or tablet but a desktop or laptop computer will work as well.

The Shriners Children’s team will send instructions to get you set up for your video visit. Look for an email from Epic MyChart, that will provide your username and a temporary password, so you can set up an account. Any paper work that is required can be done online and should be completed before your appointment. To be ready for your telehealth appointment check the devise you will use. It should have the latest software updates. Make sure you are comfortable using your device and that you know how to reverse the camera and adjust the audio. The telehealth visit is just as important as an in-person visit with your provider. Be sure to block out the necessary time in your day just like you would if you were coming in person. Don’t forget, your child must be present for the visit too.

On the day of your telehealth visit, plan where you’ll be for the appointment. A quite private room is best. Adjust lighting so that windows and lamps are behind your device not behind you. H a pen and paper handy, so you can take notes during your video visit. Have your child wear appropriate clothing, so your care provider can see their limbs and how they move. If you have any questions before your video visit, feel free to call Shriners Children’s, anytime. Just like you always would. Telehealth visits are an easy and convenient way for you and your child to see your Shriners Children’s healthcare team. We look forward to caring for your child during our video visit. Virtual care can make connecting with your provider more convenient while achieving the same outcome as in person. For more information, please contact