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Abby's Shriners Children's Journey

Abby’s Care Journey: Answers, Solutions and Smiles

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Speaker 1:

Hello, my name is Abby, and I came here to Shriners Children's Hospital, and I was diagnosed with miserable malalignment. I had a lot of pain. I couldn't do a lot of things like run and jump with my friends.

Speaker 2:

We were at a loss on why she kept breaking her feet and why she was in so much pain. And there were no doctors that can figure out what was going on with her until we were referred to come to Shriners. And within that first visit, we had the answers that we needed to get her moving forward in her care to get better.

Speaker 1:

Best thing I love about Shriners Children's Hospital is the, oh, my gosh, the nurses, the doctors. Erin, my physical therapist at Shriners is amazing. She talks to me like a best friend. She helped me with a lot of things because I was clueless on what to do, and she actually told me a lot about stretching and actually muscle work that I had no idea.

Speaker 2:

I just want to thank the doctors for helping her, and even though this recovery has been rougher than we could have imagined, the team has been amazing in taking care of her. And Erin, her physical therapist, just building that relationship and motivating her and exciting her and helping her to get where she's going, I'm just truly thankful for all of it.

All three:

Thank you, Shriners.

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