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Work for Shriners Children's Portland

Work for Shriners Children's Portland

Every day, we provide innovative, compassionate care and conduct leading research that enhances the quality of life for children and their families. We invite you to explore the many rewarding career paths at Shriners Children's, from clinical and non-clinical positions to education and research opportunities.
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Text overlay: "the Sense of Family"

Lynda Luce, Development Officer, Shriners Children's Portland:

The community in the sense of family that you feel here, and that's really something that's very special about Shriners. Shriners Hospital Development Office, this is Lynda. It's an amazing experience to be part of something that impacts people so dramatically and for their life.

Travis Bauer, Medical Assistant, Shriners Children's Portland:

All right, fellas, you ready? We can just go ahead and leave pants. Anything we want to leave in the room can stay. The cool thing about Shriners, regardless of what position you have, is we're a hospital organization, but it feels very small time clinic in the sense that everyone knows each other's name.

Awesome, come on this way guys.

We walk through the halls and people are smiling. People are acknowledging you by name, right? "Hey, how's your day going?"

X-ray was fun?

Speaker 3:

X-ray was wild.

Travis Bauer:

Text Overlay: "Everyone treats each other Like Peers"

It doesn't matter which department, which level, what job position you have. Everyone treats each other like peers, which is really cool.

Dereesa Reid, Hospital Administrator, Shriners Children's Portland:

It doesn't matter whether you're a physician, or a nurse, or you're part of our food service team, janitorial. You are all an essential part of providing world-class care.

Text Overlay: "All an essential part of providing world-class care"

Robert Bernstein, M.D., Chief of Staff, Shriners Children's Portlan:

As a member of the team, everybody here at the Shriners Hospital contributes and participates in that patient's care, and is able to provide their unique individual characteristics that help us really push the envelope of high quality care for these children.

Joel Cowley, Physical Therapist, Shriners Children's Portland:

The best thing about it is the patients, of course. I get to play with kids all day. Yes, I love it. It's nice to work at a place where people want to come. I have patients that are like, "I don't want to go to a different hospital. I want to come here." And so that's nice.

Dereesa Reid:

Image: map of United States highlighting Shriners Children's locations

Image: map of the world highlighting international countries where Shriners Children's provides care: Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria, Australia (Resaidents)

Here at Shriner's Children's Portland, you are a part of a team that serves the entire Pacific Northwest. Even more exciting is that we take care of children internationally. One of the things that our employees are really excited about, and I think it drives us forward as a team, is we take care of any child without regard for their ability to pay.

Joel Cowley:

It can be challenging when a patient needs something or your clinical judgment says, "This patient needs care, but their insurance is only going to cover this." And the ability to say, "Yeah, that may be the case, but you're still going to get treated," is amazing.

Janelle Mercurio, Certified Child Life Specialist, Shriners Children's Portland:

This just blows warm air. You see how it's like elephant's trunk, right there? My favorite thing about working at Shriners is the individualized care that we give patients and their families, because not every individual is the same. I have never seen a facility and a group of people working together to make sure that everybody is okay, like as a unit, as a patient, as a family. Yeah, that's the one thing I really love about Shriners.

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