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Jordan the Gymnast

Jordan the Gymnast

Jordan's love of gymnastics was kindled at age 4 when her parents enrolled her in community education classes for the sport. “She took to it immediately,” her mother, Rachel, said. “When that first class ended, the instructor invited her to attend classes for older kids – because she was ready for a more structured and advanced class. It slowly evolved to us turning our living room into a gymnastics training center with a beam, mats, mini trampoline and a set of bars!” Now, at age 13, Jordan is on her local high school gymnastics team! She hasn't let Goltz syndrome or her prosthetic leg slow her down and we're so proud of her accomplishments!
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Speaker 1: Jordan.

Speaker 2: Come on, Jordan.

Speaker 3: Come on, Jordan.

Speaker 1: A little close there. Looking a little bit [inaudible 00:00:14]