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What Patients Are Saying About the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital?

A third party company, Press Ganey, surveys patients after hospital visits to get honest and helpful feedback. The company provides the data on a quarterly basis to the hospital, and is presented confidentially.

The most recent survey results show 98.6% satisfaction. If you are considering seeking treatment at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Salt Lake City, we encourage you to take a look at what some other patient families have said about their experience.

(Edits have been made to spelling and grammar errors only, and patient names have been removed)

  • Made myself and child feel at home and comfortable in a stressful situation. All the nurses were friendly and thoughtful.
  • My husband and I felt supported by our decision for our son.
  • Made it a point to walk me through what he was going to do and why.
  • Best provider EVER!!!
  • The person we had this time was amazing! She added a motion patch behind the ear before surgery that worked amazingly! Thank you!
  • Our doctor is awesome!!! We are in good hands.
  • She was awesome. Gave us great info and answered our questions.
  • They were so thoughtful and amazing.
  • Care coordinator was very attentive, helpful, and full of love  joy.
  • Care coordinator was amazing along with nurses, doctors, and management.
  • Our nurses were all wonderful! Special shout out to Georgia for her awesome help! Susie and Amber for their special assistance and entertainment choices for the patient!!! We also owe Dr. Carroll a special thanks for helping with a pain medicine switch that made a huge difference!!!
  • Dr. Klatt is really great! We are so great full for his awesome precise work and communication!
  • The communication from everyone from Care manager to Nurses, Anesthesiologist, Resident Doctor, Surgeon, and Physical Therapy has been great. We are very grateful for all of the Shriners Community.
  • He was very personable and made us feel relaxed. He went out of his way to find a gown that fit my very tall teenager.
  • Great bedside manner, explained the condition in detail, including prognosis and treatment. Answered all our questions and concerns and seemed to really care.
  • We were treated like royalty.
  • We were given a great plan of care for [my son].
  • [My son] has Autism and the Radiologist was wonderful with him.
  • Excellent service.
  • The clubfoot cell phone is absolutely amazing. It gave us such peace of mind that we could text at anytime.
  • The amount of respect & compassion blows me away, we did not get the same treatment at an other children's hospital. We love Shriners!
  • Other doctors were happy to give a second opinion and our doctor was confident enough to ask for one. They are great doctors!
  • Appointments are never rushed and the therapists have been great to work with.
  • Hardly any wait time.
  • Shriners is amazing and we have never had a bad experience.
  • All of the Staff Doctors, on-call Doctor and Residents have been wonderful!
  • Everyone was so friendly and helpful. made my child feel comfortable.
  • Amazing! we love it there.
  • Always great to listen and give back positive input!
  • Always such positive help and feedback!! I always feel confident when we leave.
  • Dr. Carroll is fabulous! She does a wonderful job of taking care of my children.
  • The X-ray technicians were just wonderful with my daughter.
  • Always remember my son.
  • We were given a room to nap in since we had no transportation or place to go on our one day fly-in.
  • Others recommended us to Shriners and we will recommend to others.
  • So happy with our first visit at Shriners, very impressed. Everyone was happy, very personable and our service was fast. More intimate than [other hospital.] We didn't feel like just a number.
  • Doctors discussed multiple options in detail in an unbiased way, the pros and cons of each, citing studies and suggesting ways to find out more from others who have been through similar circumstances firsthand. Gave me as much opportunity as I needed to ask questions or express concerns, and provided me with contact information if I have more questions later. We were well cared for.

To schedule an appointment at Shriners Hospitals for Children — Salt Lake City, call 800-314-4283

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