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What is PROMIS?

Incorporating the Collection and Revision of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) into our Clinical Practice

As part of our global approach to health care, we are incorporating the collection and revision of patient reported outcomes (PROs) into our clinical practice. PROs are any report of the status of a patient’s health condition that comes directly from the patient. The use of PROs in caring for patients has many benefits, and are essential to determining the value of health care services provided. PROs help capture the whole picture of a patient’s experience by quantifying their perception of their physical, mental and social well-being. Moreover, PROs enhance communication between clinicians and patients, promote self-management and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.

In line with Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada’s FOCUSED framework (see below), PROs are tools that our dedicated care teams can use to improve the services provided to patients.

  • Family and patient-focused care
  • Open communication
  • Collaborative
  • Understanding and compassionate
  • Safe and seamless
  • Expertise and education
  • Driven by research and best practices

When? In August 2020, we began to collect PROs by asking patients to complete PROMIS® in certain outpatient clinics. As we learn, adapt and perfect how best to utilize this tool, we will continue to expand this practice into more clinics.

What is PROMIS? It is a series of health assessments developed by the National Institutes of Health. These assessments will ask patients questions about their health condition and quality of life in order to collect patient reported outcomes. On average, it takes patients five to 10 minutes to complete the questions. Patients aged 5-7 will have a parent-proxy, while patients over the age of 7 can complete the questionnaires themselves. These questionnaires are completed on an iPad through the Tonic for Health application while the patient waits in the clinic room to see the doctor. The patient’s scores will populate in real-time into their chart. The care team can review the results prior to seeing the patient, and this information will help the care team in developing a truly patient-centered care plan.

Next steps? Over the next months, more and more clinics will begin to use PROMIS. Moreover, other patient reported outcome measures will become available on the Tonic for Health app and will be used in clinics. Using the data collected from questionnaires like PROMIS ensures that the Shriners Hospitals for Children — Canada staff can continue to deliver care that is as unique as each of our patients. Using the data, each patient can experience the best surgical and therapeutic outcomes and ultimately, lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

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