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Meet Cameron Card, FNP-BC, RN

Meet Cameron Card, FNP-BC, RN

Meet Cameron Card, FNP-BC, RN, certified family nurse practitioner at Shriners Children's New England.
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Cameron Card:

Hi, my name is Cameron Card. I am a nurse practitioner here at Shriners Children's New England. My areas of special interest in pediatric orthopedics are sports, as well as fractures and neuromuscular diseases or disorders such as cerebral palsy. I started my career as a nurse for three years before I decided to go back to be a nurse practitioner. And the reason I did that was, as a nurse, I did a lot of the treatment and the plan was already made, and I wanted to advance my career to be the one to figure out what the treatment was going to be, do the assessment, and do the diagnosing. Being a nurse really impacted my practice today, being able to look at the patient as a whole and creating compassionate care and treating everyone equally regardless of the situation. I started here at Shriners as a nurse practitioner student, and I fell in love with the camaraderie between the providers as well as all the other staff.

I loved how they took in consideration the children and their patients first and foremost, and comparing it to other places that I worked, Shriners really had a special feeling about that. What I love most about working with patients here at Shriners is watching them come in from day one with an injury or a disorder and being able to treat them and follow their path. What patients can expect from me, meeting me for the first time, is a very open-minded provider. There's no question that you can't ask me, and I want you to feel warm and welcome in the room, so you feel that your child is getting the best care that they need. What makes the care at Shriners Children's so unique is the ability to spend quality time with each patient and not feeling that they need to be rushed out of the visit and I can spend as much time as I want with them.

My goal is always to make sure that more questions are answered while they're at their visit rather than having extra questions at the end of the visit. My passion in treating children in pediatric orthopedics comes from my long-standing history of playing sports myself, as well as coaching children younger than me and helping the new generations grow and develop. For me, Shriners in particular, follows that passion, so I think we're mutual in that aspect. And then just being able to also take my passion for science and medicine to combine it with my love to help others.

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