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Telehealth Appointments

Shriners Children's Care Everywhere connects patients and providers virtually for safe, easy and convenient care. 

The primary mission of Shriners Children’s is to help children who need specialized medical care – wherever they may live. With today’s communication capabilities, including telehealth, it is much easier to provide care closer to home.

Telehealth makes it possible for aspects of patient care to be handled via real-time video conferencing. Using special cameras with live video and audio, telehealth connects your child to our Shriners Children’s medical team, bringing excellent pediatric medical care closer to you.

The telehealth services we provide allow patients, regardless of their location, to receive world-class care from the pediatric care teams at Shriners Children's – making it easier and more convenient for families.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth visits, also called telemedicine or video visits, are online appointments where you connect with your child’s medical team, face-to face, without leaving your home. Telehealth appointments meet many needs of a patient, although in some cases an in-person visit may be required. Please speak to your care provider for more information.

How Can I Connect?

Telehealth visits use the internet to connect. Most people use cellular data or WiFi, but some families may get a better connection using an ethernet cable plugged into their computer. Connect with:

  • Computer/laptop with camera
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

How can I Get Started?

Discuss virtual visits with your healthcare provider to see if they are an option for your child.

It's fast, easy and convenient. Instructions are sent to you by email or text. When it’s time for your appointment, click the link provided to be connected with your doctor.

Follow the quick tips below to make sure you have a successful telehealth appointment.

Quick Telehealth Tips

  • Questions about how to connect? Just ask your provider.
  • Find a quiet, private space for your visit.
  • Everyone in the room should be on video (or at least introduced) when the visit starts.
  • Your child must be present for the visit.
  • Have your child wear clothing that will allow the provider to see movement.
  • Don't use public WiFi connections.
  • Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.
  • Place your camera at eye level, and center your face on-screen.
  • Adjust your lighting! Make sure any windows are behind your device, not behind you.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything during your visit.
  • Use books to raise your device, or a stand to keep mobile devices steady.

Is My Personal Information Safe?

Yes! Your personal healthcare information is always safe and secure when you have a telehealth visit with Shriners Children’s. If you’re concerned about privacy or have any questions, ask your provider what steps we take to safeguard your important medical information.

I Speak a Different Language. Can I Still Get Care?

Yes! We have an interpreting service available. Just be sure to mention this when you make your virtual visit appointment.

It's great to know that we can sit at home and still get quality care without driving over an hour for a 10 minute visit.
Anthony W. | Parent

Entendemos cuáles son las necesidades médicas únicas de los niños.

Ofrecemos tratamiento vital y pionero desde el nacimiento hasta los 18 años. Aquí, los niños tienen la oportunidad de ser evaluados y tratados por médicos reconocidos por sus pares como los mejores.

Next Steps

Solicitar una cita

Los familiares y los cuidadores que estén en busca de un tratamiento deben comunicarse con nosotros para solicitar una cita.

Derivar a un paciente

Los médicos y los profesionales de la salud pueden contactarnos si tienen preguntas sobre nuestros servicios.

Iniciar sesión en el Portal del paciente.

Los padres y guardianes de los pacientes actuales pueden enviar un correo electrónico, solicitar historias clínicas, coordinar citas y más.