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La familia de una expaciente asume el cargo de copresidenta de la Boston Haunted Walk 2024

Alexandra was just a year and a half old when she received burn treatment at Shriners Children’s Boston, an experience that impacted her entire family.

She has no memory of grabbing a bowl of hot soup from the kitchen counter, but her mom, Suzanne, remembers the day vividly. Ever since that day, their gratitude for the care Alexandra received for her scald injury has motivated them to give back. This year, Alexandra and Suzanne are excited to deepen their support by serving as co-chairs of the fifth annual Boston Haunted Walk.

Suzanne describes Alexandra as a very easygoing child who never pushed boundaries, like climbing out of her crib or grabbing for objects out of reach. As she prepared lunch for Alexandra and her older brother on a winter day in 2001, she never imagined her young daughter would reach for the bowl on the edge of the counter. Within seconds, a small amount of hot soup splashed on Alexandra’s face, and as Suzanne remembers, “I was in shock. I just froze.” A friend helped her call 911 and they were taken to the emergency room of their local hospital. A family friend had been a nurse at Shriners Children’s Boston, and Suzanne wanted to get Alexandra there as soon as possible because she knew they could help.

When they finally arrived at Shriners Children’s Boston via ambulance, the burn care team worked swiftly to evaluate the extent of Alexandra’s injury. They discovered the soup had also splashed onto her arm, saturating her clothing just enough to scald the skin. This additional injury was not detected in Alexandra’s earlier emergency room examination. Suzanne was relieved when they were admitted to Shriners Children’s Boston for an overnight stay. “As hard as it was, I just felt so grateful that we were in their hands,” she said.

Suzanne used a stroller in the inpatient unit to walk with Alexandra, helping to calm her and pass the time. “As we walked around, I saw other patients with injuries that were much worse and I felt so lucky,” she said. “It was a really eye-opening experience, and I knew at that time I wanted to give back.”

As I got older I noticed the mark on my arm, and my parents explained to me what happened. Although it was traumatic, they told me we were fortunate because there are families in far worse situations. I was aware of how much Shriners did for me and I wanted to help.
Alexandra, former Shriners Children's Boston patient

According to Suzanne, Alexandra “looked like a mummy” upon her discharge the next day. They returned to Shriners Children’s Boston every day for dressing changes for the next few months. “I remember being welcomed at each visit,” said Suzanne. “I was nervous, and it was a sense of relief when I saw everyone. It was a very difficult time for all of us, and they offered support for our entire family.”

Alexandra’s arm was the last part of her injury to heal. “As I got older, I noticed the mark on my arm, and my parents explained to me what happened,” she said. “Although it was traumatic, they told me we were fortunate because there are families in far worse situations. I was aware of how much Shriners did for me and I wanted to help.”

Every Christmas, Alexandra purchased toys to donate to Shriners Children’s Boston, and soon began to donate money instead of receiving holiday gifts. She trained to be an esthetician with the eventual goal of helping other pediatric burn patients. “I could have had gone back to Shriners for laser treatment on my arm, but decided not to because it’s part of who I am,” said Alexandra. “As I learned about myself in college, I decided I wanted to do something to help other people feel good about themselves and be comfortable in their skin.”

After Alexandra graduated from college, she sought to further her involvement with Shriners Children’s Boston. Co-chairing the hospital’s signature fundraiser was just the opportunity she was looking for. “I’m super-excited to meet other patients involved in the Boston Haunted Walk and have the chance to bond over our shared experience,” she said. “I’m also really excited to get out into the community to help educate people about the incredible impact Shriners Children’s has on the lives of patients and families.”

All proceeds from the Boston Haunted Walk will support world-class pediatric burn care, reconstructive plastic surgery, and cleft lip and cleft palate care at Shriners Children’s Boston, provided regardless of families’ ability to pay or insurance status. For more information or to register, visit bostonhauntedwalk.org.

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra is excited to be serving as a co-chair of the 2024 Boston Haunted Walk after being treated at Shriners Children's Boston.

Alexandra is happy to be home after her initial treatment at Shriners Children's Boston.

Alexandra is on an apple picking outing with her family after her burn injury healed.

Alexandra is smiling big after losing her first tooth.

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