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About the Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico

Learn how we transform children's lives through our specialized medical services, our innovation and our research
Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico is where hope and support meet. Our highly trained medical staff provides health care for children from 0 to 18 years of age with orthopedic conditions and burn injuries in a compassionate, family-centered environment.

About us

Globally recognized children's hospital

Shriners Hospitals are recognized worldwide for their excellence in care as well as the innovative and outstanding programs they manage.

Consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals for orthopedic and pediatric care, here children are assessed and treated by renowned physicians and highly qualified multidisciplinary staff.

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National Project on Genomics and Precision Medicine
This project is part of the Genomics and Precision Medicine Project carried out throughout the Shriners Hospitals’ network in the United States, Mexico and Canada, seeking to help patients through new genetic findings of diseases.
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Orthopedic surgery program recognized by UNAM
Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico has the leading orthopedic surgery service in Mexico with a medical staff certified by the Mexican Council of Orthopedics. Recognized as a leading institution in training and continuing medical education in highly specialized Pediatric Orthopedics and endorsed by the Autonomous University of Mexico.

Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico receives the Press Ganey award

Press Ganey named Shriners Hospital for Children Mexico as the winner of the Guardian of Excellence Award® 2020 in the Patient Experience category for second consecutive year. This award recognizes the best performing healthcare organizations that have reached the 95th percentile or higher for their performance.

Next Steps

Solicita una cita de primera vez

Para familiares o tutores que buscan iniciar un tratamiento para su paciente, es necesario primero solicitar una cita de primera vez

Refiere un paciente

Los médicos y proveedores de atención médica pueden comunicarse con nosotros para abordar temas relacionados con el servicio que se brinda.

Prendre rendez-vous

Les familles et les soignants qui cherchent un traitement doivent commencer par nous contacter pour prendre rendez-vous.

Connexion au portail des patients

Les parents et les tuteurs des patients existants peuvent envoyer des courriels, demander des dossiers, prendre des rendez-vous, etc.

Référer un patient

Les médecins et les prestataires de soins de santé peuvent nous contacter pour poser des questions sur nos services et pour parler à nos médecins.