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History of Shriners Children's Ohio

Established: February 19, 1968

In the mid-1960s, the Shriners Imperial Council decided that the next challenge for its hospital system would be pediatric burns. It designated funds totaling $10 million dollars (the equivalent of over $70 million today) to build three hospitals specializing in pediatric burn care. After much consideration, Boston, Cincinnati and Galveston were chosen as sites because of strong teaching hospitals located in each city. An interim unit was established in 1964 at Cincinnati General Hospital. In 1968, the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital opened as the Shriners Burns Institute, in affiliation with what became the University of Cincinnati Hospital and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Location Highlights

  • 1968: Cincinnati Shriners Hospital opens as Shriners Burns Institute.
  • 1970s: Cincinnati Shriners Hospital pioneered skin banking – a precursor to future methods of tissue, bone and skin procurement. Research also played a large role in the widespread use of pressure garments and other appliances to smooth and reduce scarring and improve esthetic appearance.
  • 1980s: Cincinnati Shriners Hospital created school re-entry programs, which educate the patients' teachers and peers prior to returning to the classroom. The hospital also implemented an outpatient clinic and launched its own airborne transport team to more rapidly transport a child with burn injuries.
  • 1990s: A new hospital building that included on-site accommodations for families, a floor for research and an expanded service line to include cleft lip and palate repair opened in 1992. In 1990, the hospital started Camp Ytiliba ("Ability" spelled backwards as a reflection of strength) to give children who have experienced trauma an opportunity to play and support one another without judgement.
  • 2000s: The research team developed a process for growing skin from a child’s own cells, which could reduce the need to take grafts from uninjured areas of the body. Research also revealed the vital role of specialized, high-caloric nutrition in successful recovery from significant burns. The hospital also began accepting patients needing correction for nevus, port wine stains, congenital deformities, and other complex wound and skin disorders.
  • 2010s: The hospital was awarded national designation as a Cleft Lip and Palate Team by two highly respected accreditation associations. Family-centered care became a part of the hospital’s strategic plan. Expansion of the family care units was completed, and same-day surgery programs were developed, allowing more children to heal at home.
  • 2019: Shriners Hospitals for Children — Cincinnati announced it would relocate operations to Dayton, Ohio. Citing the drop in the number of children who suffer burns thanks to fire and burn prevention, Shriners said the new location would be the first "hospital-within-a-hospital" model in the system when it reopened inside Dayton Children's Hospital.
  • February 2021 - The hospital reopened in a new location and under a new name: Shriners Children's Ohio.

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Cuidado de quemaduras

El Shriners Children's ofrece tratamiento para quemaduras de todo grado y tipo, incluidas quemaduras químicas, quemaduras por la electricidad y quemaduras por llamas. Nuestros planes de tratamiento personalizados de atención de quemaduras pediátricas pueden incluir cuidado de las heridas, tratamiento de cicatrices y reconstrucción.

Labio leporino

Cuando un bebé presenta labio leporino al nacer, el enfoque del equipo de Shriners Children's es realizar una cirugía de labio leporino de vanguardia para tratar esta afección y abordar todas las preocupaciones de los padres relacionadas con el labio leporino y la hendidura alveolar.

Paladar hendido

El paladar hendido ocurre cuando los tejidos que forman el techo de la boca no se unen antes del nacimiento. El equipo de atención de Shriners Children's trabaja en la reparación y restauración física y psicológica de los niños.

Cuidado de las heridas y trastornos cutáneos

El Hospital Shriners para Niños brinda atención especializada de heridas con un equipo de especialistas y tratamiento para trastornos cutáneos que incluye cirugía plástica, maquillaje cosmético y láser.

Cirugía plástica

Los experimentados cirujanos plásticos pediátricos de Shriners Children's emplean técnicas de cirugía plástica reconstructiva que brindan esperanza y rehabilitación a las familias que enfrentan diferencias que afectan el rostro, la mandíbula, los párpados, las orejas, las mamas o la piel.

Cirugía reconstructiva

En Shriners Children's, brindamos atención personalizada e innovadora a los niños que necesitan realizarse procedimientos reconstructivos.

Entendemos cuáles son las necesidades médicas únicas de los niños.

Ofrecemos tratamiento vital y pionero desde el nacimiento hasta los 18 años. Aquí, los niños tienen la oportunidad de ser evaluados y tratados por médicos reconocidos por sus pares como los mejores.