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Do we have your updated contact information?

It is very important for Shriners Hospital that our patients’ contact information be up to date, since if there is any change to your appointment, whether the time or date, this can be notified using the phone number or email provided.

First-time and subsequent appointments.

If there is a change in your appointment, please consider providing a phone number through which we can always contact you as this speeds up direct communication if we need to inform you of possible changes or recommendations in the case of admissions to surgery.

Do you have a virtual date?

Consider providing a valid email that you use, since this is the means of communication we will use to send the Skype link that will allow you to connect and carry out your consultation. Also consider that we will contact you a day earlier to confirm your appointment, so it is also necessary that you provide a telephone number where we can always reach you.

Update your information.

If your phone number or email changes, please notify Social Work at the phone number 54247850, extensions 1503, 1508 to 1515.