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Professional Education

Shriners Children's Chicago is committed to sharing our expertise with physicians and clinicians. Here you'll find information on professional development webinars and seminars for medical professionals.

Virtual Grand Rounds

Join our physicians for upcoming Virtual Grand Rounds. CMEs are available. See information below about previous webinars that are available for viewing.

  • Virtual Grand Rounds: Heads up! Helmets & Ear Wells at Shriners Children's, Patty Engebretson, MSN, CPNP, and Marissa Foss, MSN, CPNP. Tuesday, April 23, 2024. 12 p.m.-1 p.m. CST. REGISTRATION

Past Grand Rounds Webinars

For physicians and clinicians interested in viewing past webinars on the topics listed below, please email for registration and viewing details.

Virtual Grand Rounds Topic Physician Presenter
Pectus Excavatum: A Cosmetic or Physiologic Brian Gulack, M.D., pediatric surgeon

Post-Concussion Syndrome: Identification and Management

Maria G. Martinez, M.D., physical medicine and rehabilitation physician

Patellar Instability in Pediatrics

Kelsey Davidson, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Evaluation and Management of Idiopathic Scoliosis

John Ghazi, M.D., pediatric and orthopedic spine surgeon

Medical and Rehab Management of Cerebral Palsy

Shubhra S. Mukherjee, M.D.

Macromastia and Gynecomastia in Adolescents

Julia Corcoran, M.D., plastic surgeon

Skull and Facial Asymmetry

Chad Purnell, M.D., plastic surgeon

Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Young Adult

Kelsey Davidson, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Common Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

Terri Cappello, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Distraction osteogenesis: A paradigm shift in treatment of craniofacial disorders

Chad Purnell, M.D., plastic surgeon

The Limb Deficient Child

Jeffrey Ackman, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Chest Wall Deformities

Srikumar Pillai, M.D., pediatric general surgeon

The Top 10 List - Common Presentations in Pediatric Plastic Surgery

David E. Morris, M.D., chief of plastic surgery

Normal Variations in the Legs of Growing Children

Terri Cappello, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Wound Care in the Pediatric Population

Gabi Martinez, M.D., physical medicine and rehabilitation physician

Evaluation and Treatment of Pediatric Scoliosis

Purnendu Gupta, M.D., spine orthopedic surgeon and chief of staff

Pediatric Sports Medicine: Osteochondritus Dissecans Lesions in the Knee

Kelsey Davidson, M.D., pediatric orthopedic surgeon

Rehabilitation Professional Development Seminars

Courses are offered at Shriners Children's Chicago through the pediatric rehabilitation department for physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Information regarding CEUs is available on the website listed for each specific course. To register, visit the website listed for each seminar. Note: Due to the pandemic, all seminars are virtual at this time.

Annual Ethics Lecture

The Irma and Larry Sturm Memorial Ethics Lecture is an annual lecture series featuring important leaders from the field of medical ethics. The lecture is offered to medical doctors and health care specialists who are responsible for the care and well-being of patients and the integrity of medical institutions. The goal of this lectureship is to highlight ethical issues across disciplines, and encourage thought and exploration of these issues among residents, students and faculty. The lecture is offered at no cost to participants. Continuing education credit (nursing) may be available. For more information, contact Kathy Zebracki at 773-385-5832.

Seminars Location:

Shriners Children's Chicago
2211 N. Oak Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60707

Free on-site parking is available in our visitor parking lot. There is a hospital cafeteria and vending machines.

Questions or Concerns?

773-622-5400 – For general hospital information
773-385-5574 – To reach our rehabilitation department

Physician offices and clinician practices with referral/professional education questions may call:

773-332-4921 – Laurie Lindsey, physician liaison
813-309-4048 – Trish Pajak, physician liaison

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Interested in hosting a presentation for health care professionals by Shriners Children's specialists?

We value relationships with our referring providers. It is our belief that effective communication and strong partnerships help to provide quality, seamless care to the children we serve. Please contact our physician liaison team if you have questions or would like to schedule an office visit with one of our staff members. Physicians and other pediatric specialists are available for grand rounds, staff in-services or to speak at conferences.

Laurie Lindsey: 773-332-4921

Medical Minute - Cleft Palate | So many surgeries

Parents of children with cleft lip and palate often have concerns about the many surgeries their child may go through. Hear advice from pediatric plastic surgeon Julia Corcoran, M.D. in this Medical Minute from Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago. Listen to the full podcast from Dr. Corcoran at Visit our cleft palate webpage at
View Transcript
Speaker 1:
This medical minute brought to you by Shriners Hospitals for Children Chicago. One of parents' main concerns about having a child diagnosed with cleft lip and/or cleft palate is the many surgeries that may be required. Dr. Julia Corcoran, a pediatric plastic surgeon at Shriners Hospital for Children in Chicago has some advice in this medical minute.

Dr. Julia Corcoran:
I think that that's probably the scariest thing for a family to consider is a lifetime of serial surgery. The best thing to understand about these particular surgeries, while they're important and they're real surgeries, most of them are outpatient surgeries, where you might come in for a day or maybe a single night. Because they can be timed around a family schedule, can be set up to be minimally disruptive to school and to growing up.

Speaker 1:
Listen to the full podcast with Dr. Julia Corcoran at That's

Sharing our expertise through podcasts

Pediatric Specialty Care Spotlight podcasts from Shriners Children's Chicago offer interviews with our physicians and clinicians in their areas of pediatric specialty care. Intended for parents and clinicians.

Listen to our latest episode.

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Providing pediatric motion analysis

Our hospital has a motion analysis center that uses data to determine the most effective treatment plans for children with orthopedic conditions.

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