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Patient Programs

Our Care Extends Beyond Our Walls

At Shriners Children's Chicago, our team is committed to caring for the overall health and well-being of our patients. This includes their minds as well as their bodies. In that spirit, we offer a wide variety of programs through our extensive FLOW (Friendship, Leisure, Opportunity and Wellness) programs.

Our FLOW programs, managed by certified recreational therapists and child life specialists, are designed to adapt to each child's age and ability level, and they provide children with the opportunity to participate in enjoyable activities to brighten their stay and help them return to their communities more active and confident.

In addition, our hospital features an indoor accessible basketball court, game areas, indoor and outdoor play structures and an accessible garden.

Shriners Children's also partners with a number of community organizations to provide opportunities for children to explore and grow their overall potential inside and outside of the hospital. Your child's nurse or care coordinator may also direct you to opportunities in the community.


Adaptive Ski Trip With Adaptive Adventures

Teenagers can enjoy skiing in Wisconsin through Adaptive Adventures. Email Darlene Kelly for more information.

Creative Arts

We offer a variety of programs that encourage participants to express their emotions, develop social skills, self-awareness, coping skills, and advance gross and fine motor skills. Programs include:

  • Adaptive dance
  • Adaptive yoga
  • Play/movement therapy
    • Funny Bones Improv Workshops — Second Thursdays of the month, 6–7 p.m. Come and laugh with other patients. RSVP required for this event. Contact Darlene at 773-385-5426 or Amanda at 773-385-5515.
  • Art
    • Art Station Studio – Third Thursdays of the month, 6–7:30 p.m.
      Come and paint with other patients. Create your own masterpiece with instructions, on a canvas you can take home. RSVP required. Email Darlene Kelly or contact her by phone at 773-385-5426.
  • Science
    • Science Fun Workshops — Third Wednesday of the month, 6–7 p.m. RSVP to Ryan at 773-385-5514.
Horticultural therapy

We offer gardening and plants workshops in partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden, Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. RSVP to Amanda at 773-385-5515.

Therapeutic Riding Program

Horses are majestic animals that help children build confidence and trust because of their sensitive and responsive nature. Learn more about our Therapeutic Riding Program, which offers children an opportunity to engage in summer horseback riding. Email Darlene Kelly for more information.

Library Services

Children's books and reading materials are available at no charge throughout our hospital.

Music Therapy

Music isn't just fun to listen to. It also offers physical and mental benefits as well, such as improving respiration and lowering stress. Sessions include concerts, individual performances and one-on-one sessions. Learn more about our Music Therapy Program.

School/Homework Assistance

Learning never stops. Children keep up with their schoolwork through a joint project of Shriners Children’s Chicago and Chicago Public Schools. A teacher works with patients on school work and provides homework support while they are in the hospital.

Outdoor Adaptive Golf with Revelation Golf

Recreational therapy offers periodic days for children of all abilities to try golf. Email Darlene Kelly for more information.

Pet Therapy

Dogs, cats and miniature horses registered as Shriners Children’s pet therapy volunteers provide comfort and affection. Learn more about our Pet Therapy Program.

Socialization events

Throughout the year, Shriners Children's Chicago hosts a variety of events such as holiday parties, picnics and performances that provide an opportunity for patients of all abilities to spend time with family and meet new friends. Programs may include musical performances, athlete visits, magic shows and an annual Halloween carnival.

Try SCUBA With Illinois Institute of Diving

Recreational therapy offers occasional days to try scuba in our warm water therapy pool.

To sign up for our recreational therapy newsletter with information on current programs and tips for helping your child enjoy hobbies and activities, email Darlene Kelly.

Shriners Children's Chicago offers a wide variety of programs and services that cater to the overall health and well-being of our patients and their families. View all patient programs and services offered by Shriners Children's.

We’re always here for our patients, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status.