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Patient Programs

Our Care Extends Beyond Our Walls

At Shriners Children's Ohio, our team is committed to caring for the overall health and well-being of our patients. This includes their minds as well as their bodies. In that spirit, we offer a wide variety of programs and camps.

Our extensive patient programs give children the opportunity to participate in enjoyable activities to brighten their stay and in camps that can help them return to their communities more active and confident.

Shriners Children's partners with a number of community organizations to provide opportunities for children to explore and grow their overall potential inside and outside of the hospital. Your nurse or care coordinator can direct you to opportunities in the community.


Camp Ytiliba

This overnight camp for Shriners Children's Ohio patients is staffed by our personnel to ensure that campers medical and emotional needs are met while they're having a good time. "Ytiliba" spelled backwards is "Ability," which is emphasized for each camper.


Artworks – Hero Design Capes

Children participate in an activity to design and make a distinctive cape to wear so they can feel like a superhero during their stay with us and when they get back home.

Child Life

Child life is part of the interdisciplinary approach to children’s health care that takes into account the overall health and well-being of our patients. Play and recreational opportunities are provided to optimize the adjustment and normal development of infants, children and adolescents. Child life specialists are members of the health care team and participate in patient assessments, patient care meetings, medical rounds and hospital wide committees concerned with total patient and family-centered care. To learn more, read about our Child Life program

Family Services and Care Coordination

A care manager is assigned to your family during an admission to the hospital. The care manager will support your family with meeting basic needs such as housing, transportation and financial assistance. Our social workers offer counseling to assist families with their coping skills, and they serve as family advocates and coordinate care with community providers.

Holiday and Theme Parties

Patients of our facility enjoy parties celebrating Christmas, Easter and Halloween to offer a sense of normalcy for children staying with us. Our care team will help patients celebrate these holidays in a cheerful environment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

Following surgery, your child may be discharged into our Individualized Outpatient Treatment Program (IOTP.) This may include services such as occupational or physical therapy or outpatient continued nursing care, or while awaiting a post-operative follow up appointment. Arrangements are made with the family services/care management department, 513-872-6229, for outpatient housing during an IOTP stay.

Make-up Clinic

Our corrective make-up clinic occurs weekly at our Shriners Children's Ohio facility. Staff members teach youth how to conceal scars and use make-up to enhance natural beauty.

Music Therapy

Music isn't just fun to listen to. It also offers physical and mental benefits as well, such as improving respiration and lowering stress. Sessions include concerts, individual performances and one-on-one sessions and are conducted at our facility twice a week. Learn more about our Music Therapy Program.


We formulate specialized diets considering the child’s diet and/or eating limitations, and their unique nutritional needs. A burn patient’s nutritional needs greatly exceed those of an unburned child. Our goal is to provide specific nutrients to promote wound healing, preserve lean muscle, enhance immune function and protect patients from complications throughout the hospitalization.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

The goal of our occupational/physical therapy department is to prevent deformities, restore movement and complete range of motion following burn injury. Therapists work with patients and families to achieve the best functional and cosmetic results. Individualized programs are developed to help patients return to their pre-burn level of activity. Therapy involves work in the areas of mobility, scar management, self-care and activities of daily living to assure a child’s total recovery.

Pet Therapy

Dogs, cats and rabbits registered as Shriners Children’s pet therapy volunteers provide comfort and affection twice a month at our facility. Contact Volunteer Services to see if there are furry friends in the hospital today ready to pay a visit. Learn more about our Pet Therapy Program.

Psychiatric Therapy

In the case of severe burns and trauma, psychiatric treatment may be included as part of a child’s care plan to help manage pain, post-traumatic stress, depression and other conditions.

School Re-entry Program

A child might return to school with scars, a prosthetic arm or leg, or a wheelchair, but they’re still the same inside. Our School Re-entry Program educates teachers, classmates and other individuals about the child’s injury or condition and how they can support the child in their transition back to school.

Shriners Children's Ohio offers a wide variety of programs and services that cater to the overall health and well-being of our patients and their families. View all patient programs and services offered by Shriners Children's.

We’re always here for our patients, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status.