Skin and Brace Care


Printable instructions for skin and brace care care and also in Spanish.


You or you loved one is wearing a TLSO-Thoracic Limber Sacral Orthosis. The brace is specially designed to support the spine in the best possible position while you are growing. The brace is only effective if it is worn on a consistent basis. The goal of wearing the brace is to prevent the curve or curves from progressing or getting larger.

To provide support for the spine, pressure must be placed over the ribs, waist and pelvis. Applying rubbing alcohol to the pressure areas after your bath can toughen the skin. Please don’t apply lotions or powder on the body. When the skin is softened, it is more susceptible to skin break down.

Each time the brace is removed, check your skin for reddened areas. If a reddened area is present, recheck the skin in thirty minutes. If the redness goes away, this is a pressure your skin can tolerate. If the skin stays red or continues to look irritated, you need to make an appointment to adjust the brace. The brace may feel uncomfortable at first but it should not hurt. Please call if you have any concerns.


The brace may be cleaned every other day with a mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly before putting the brace on. The brace may be air dried outside in the shade. The brace is made out of polypropylene and could change shape if it were placed in the sun or left in a hot car.

The brace must always be worn with a brace liner; one that is form fitting, cotton and proper length. You may want to make or purchase several brace liners. During the warmer months you may want to change brace liners mid-day for comfort.

Take good care of your brace—it is taking good care of you!

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the Orthotics/ Prosthetics Department at 916-453-2170.

Printable version of skin and brace care instructions.