Safety Promise


Cartoon image of people using a crosswalk

Joint and Bone Safety Matters

On the road to developing their adult bodies, children face many pathways of potential injury in their day-to-day activities. Simple safety practices provide the best strategies for insuring unintentional injuries to bones, joints and complex neuromusculoskeletal systems like the spine don’t interfere with childhood.

Child promise

I promise to wear and fasten helmets when biking, skating, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding or doing any activities that risk injury to my head or neck. I promise to fasten and wear seatbelts in any moving vehicles. I also promise to cross the street safely by stopping at the curb, looking both ways, and by obeying traffic signs, signals and crossing guards.

Child’s signature ______________________________ Date_____________

My promise to my child

I want to protect my child from injury. I promise to supply my child with the appropriate equipment and safety instructions. Furthermore, I promise to set a safe example by wearing my own helmet and seatbelts. I also promise to role model safe street crossing.

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________Date____________

Making your Safety Promise work

  • Complete the safety promise together with your child. Post it as a constant reminder in a visible place, such as on the refrigerator door.
  • Make a rule and enforce it with all who are in your care: No helmet, no bicycling.
  • Develop a series of fun rewards for fulfilling the safety promise, for your child, yourself and your family.