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We want your child to be able to pursue the activity of their choice safely and with the support they need.

Shriners Children's provides care for all types of fractures, including stress fractures, a common sports injury.

Our fracture care team of physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists and more are here to get your child back in the game.

A stress fracture is a tiny crack in a bone or severe bruising within a bone. This injury is often caused by repetitive stress or force from overuse, such as running, swinging a bat and kicking a ball. Stress fractures can occur in many areas of the body, including a child's arm, leg, foot, back and spine.

Symptoms for stress fractures include swelling and pain that worsens over time.

Shriners Children's care team will assess your child, and if it is determined a stress fracture is present, treatment can include resting from the repetitive motion, a walking boot, brace, or crutches to reduce the bone's weight-bearing load.

Specific treatments and services may vary by location. Please contact a specific location for more information.

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Sports Medicine for Children

Whether playing on the sports field, exercising, or on the playground, children sometimes get hurt. At Shriners Children’s, we specialize in pediatric bones, joints and muscles. We understand the effects of injuries to growing bones, growth plates and soft tissues. Our ultimate goal is to get children back to what they love quickly and safely.

Innovative Treatments

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Shriners Children's multidisciplinary team includes orthotists who create braces to meet the individual need of each child – whether to treat a complex condition or common injury.


Shriners Children's care team specializes in putting children at ease during casting, a common treatment for fractures.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists at Shriners Children's help kids be as independent as possible, focusing on what is important to them and what they love to do in their daily lives.

Orthopedic Surgery

With their expertise in treating children from toddlers to teens, the pediatric orthopedic surgeons at Shriners Children’s understand the challenges of planning ahead for growing bones and bodies.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at Shriners Children's helps children build confidence and strength, focusing on what is important to them and what they love to do in their daily lives.

Sports Injury Surgery

Sports injuries are common among young athletes, and these injuries sometimes require surgery. Shriners Children's can evaluate injuries and determine if surgery is the best option for treatment.

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