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Shriners Children's is one of the largest networks of hospitals, medical centers and outpatient facilities in North America that specialize in pediatric orthopedics.

This gives us a truly unique vantage point when it comes to evaluating and treating pediatric sports injuries with surgery. We treat a wide range of sports injuries, from fractures and broken bones to sprains, strains and injured joints.

The course of care is determined individually for each patient. For patients requiring surgery, our specialists work with athletes, families, coaches and athletic trainers when an injury has occurred to ensure a safe and swift return to play.

Specific treatments and services may vary by location. Please contact a specific location for more information.

What to Expect After Surgery

The length of your child’s visit after surgery can vary from a few hours to an overnight or extended stay. This will depend on the type of surgery and the follow-up that's required.

They might begin rehabilitation during their time with us. Often, we can offer follow-up care services on site or at one of our clinics nearby, or our staff may be able to connect you with highly qualified and well-respected pediatric orthopedic care providers closer to your home. Speak to any member of your child’s care team to learn more.

At Shriners Children's, we’re familiar with what makes the pediatric athlete different than the adult athlete. We understand what the athlete is experiencing and how we can get them safely back to the sport they love.
Dr. Ben Wilson, Shriners Children's Lexington
male patient outside holding helmet

Measuring a Body in Motion

Using data recorded by a motion capture camera system – similar to the ones used for digital animation – physicians can measure the severity of several sports-related injuries and conditions and develop a plan for treatment.

Conditions We Treat

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Shriners Children's provides care for broken bones, including open or compound fractures.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is a common knee injury seen in our sports medicine clinics. Shriners Children's specialists will determine if surgery is needed depending on the severity of the injury.

Elbow Dislocations

An elbow dislocation occurs when the bones of the forearm traumatically shift out of place, causing pain, swelling and limited range of motion.

Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a condition that causes pain on the inside of the arm due to repetitive wrist and finger movements. This “overuse injury” may create elbow stiffness or weak hands, and is not limited to golfers.

Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Achilles tendon injuries may include a rupture, also known as a tear. Early treatment at Shriners Children's for an Achilles tendon tear works best and can help prevent more injury.

Knee Injuries

Active children are susceptible to a number of types of knee injuries that can range from mild to severe. Physicians at Shriners Children's can assess your child's knee pain and develop a treatment plan.

Thrower's Shoulder

Thrower's Shoulder is caused by increased load on the rotator cuff tendons surrounding the shoulder joint, which causes pain. Shriners Children's can develop a plan to treat this overuse injury.

Meniscal Tears

Meniscal tears are among the most common knee injuries, that usually occur after a sudden twisting of the knee. Our physicians can assess your child's injury and determine if requires surgical repair and/or rehabilitation.

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