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Our specialists use advanced treatments and Shriners Children's expertise in treating burns to manage a variety of skin infections and injuries not caused by a burn.

When traumatic wounds or blistering skin diseases become serious, get infected, or fail to heal, our experienced staff can often contribute to better outcomes. We provide hope to families who aren't sure where to turn to for specialized care once their child's initial skin-related illness, accident, or injury is treated.

Seek immediate medical attention or call 911, if necessary, for a child’s skin infection or injury. Once the injury/infection has been assessed and the child is stabilized in an emergency or urgent setting, you or your child’s doctors can request care at a Shriners Children’s location.

We use advanced burn care and plastic surgery techniques to save skin tissue, reduce the risk of infections and provide the best appearance. We offer innovative treatments such as free flap skin surgeries, skin grafting, specialized bandages and ointments and pediatric intensive care units. Collaboration between the staff and families enables the team to devise a treatment plan that will provide optimal healing for your child. Shriners Children’s specialists support your child’s emotional and social needs, in bright, family-centered environments.

If amputation is required, Shriners Children’s orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgery teams are experienced in helping children with limb differences live full, amazing lives!

Contact us, if you want to bring your child to Shriners Children’s for pediatric skin infection or skin injury treatment. We can also partner with a hospital to transfer your child to a Shriners Children’s location.

Specific treatments and services may vary by location. Please contact a specific location for more information.

Refer A Patient

If you are a physician with a patient who you think would be a suitable candidate for skin infection or skin injury care at Shriners Children's, you can contact us at 800-237-5055 in the U.S., or 800-361-7256 in Canada. Learn more about Patient Referrals and Transfers.

Skin Infections and Injuries Treated

Bringing your child to Shriners Children’s for care for skin infections and injuries will usually start with a doctor to doctor consultation to plan the next steps for your child’s care at Shriners Children’s.

  • Severe skin reactions requiring burn care.
  • Lacerations (skin cut) wound that won’t heal or close.
  • Preservation of compromised skin grafts and flaps.
  • Pressure ulcers/wounds: A pressure injury (bedsore) is damaged skin and tissue under the skin.
  • Stabilized necrotizing infections (Necrotizing fasciitis is a life-threatening condition).
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis – large wounds related to this life-threatening disorder of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Purpura fulminans – a life threatening clotting disorder that causes extensive bruising and skin damage.
  • Scalp avulsion - reconstruction of skin on head.
  • Friction injuries/skin abrasions (Open wound where skin rubbed on rough surface).
  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Abscesses under scars or involving large areas of skin.
  • Delayed wound healing.
  • Frostbite and other cold injuries.
We respect referring physicians and coordinate with them to determine how Shriners Children’s can help a child with these conditions.
Dr. Robert Sheridan, Shriners Children’s Boston
plastic surgeon and patient in wheelchair

Advanced Surgical Techniques

Dakarai required amputation due to necrotizing fasciitis. Plastic surgeons trained in wound care used microsurgery techniques to transfer skin and tissue from the amputated leg to cover wounds on Dakarai’s thigh, which helped his leg better handle a prosthetic.

Wound Care & Skin Disorders

Shriners Children's provides specialized wound care with a team of specialists, and treatment including plastic surgery, cosmetic makeup and lasers for skin disorders.

Burn Care

Shriners Children’s treats all levels and types of burns, including chemical burns, electrical burns and flame burns. Our pediatric burn care treatment plans are personalized and can include wound care, scar management and reconstruction.


Shriners Children’s teams of specialists treat the physical, social, emotional and developmental challenges of craniofacial conditions like cleft palate to help children live full, healthy lives.

Pediatric Surgery

Shriners Children's world-renowned pediatric surgery program gives us the ability to help children who have a variety of conditions, including those they were born with, as well as those that develop over time or are the result of an injury.

Orthopedic Surgery

With their expertise in treating children from toddlers to teens, the pediatric orthopedic surgeons at Shriners Children’s understand the challenges of planning ahead for growing bones and bodies.

Next Steps

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