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Shriners Children’s world-class surgical teams provide specialty care and life-changing treatment to children with burn injuries.

Our surgeons are known nationally and internationally for their contributions in the field of children's acute and reconstructive burn care. From initial injury, to reconstructive care and scar management, Shriners Children's specialized surgical team is dedicated to giving every child with a burn injury the opportunity to not only survive, but thrive.

Our nurses, social services and care management team, along with physical and occupational therapists specialize in pediatrics, so they know how to meet a child's emotional and physical needs as they prepare for surgery and progress through their recovery. Specialists in child development from our child life program provide support during this time as well, to ease fear and anxiety.

Specific treatments and services may vary by location. Please contact a specific location for more information.

Types of Burn Surgery We Perform

You will collaborate with your child's surgeon and other care providers as you evaluate the treatments that will bring the best possible results, which may include surgery. Initial, acute burn surgery typically includes the cleaning or debridement of the affected area and skin grafting to prevent infection.

The most common burn surgeries are:

I was incredibly relieved, simply by how the staff communicated with my brother Ricky, Elizabeth’s dad. The whole six weeks or so that we were in and out of the Galveston hospital were nothing short of exceptional.
Cheryl, Texas
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Leaders in Laser Medicine

With surgery, the appearance of burn scarring may be improved. Additionally, laser surgery may improve mobility caused by growth and hypertrophic, or raised scarring.

Burn Conditions We Treat

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Burn Scars

With advanced treatments and world-class expertise, Shriners Children's cares for and improves the lives of children with burn scars every day.

Chemical Burns

At Shriners Children’s, our burn care team uses advanced diagnostics and innovative treatments to care for children with chemical burns.

Contact Burns

The team at Shriners Children’s Boston can care for your child's contact burn using the most innovative burn care treatments available.

Electrical Burns

At Shriners Children's, our team uses advanced diagnostics and innovative treatments to care for electrical burns.

Flame Burn

A flame burn is caused by contact with fire, such as a burning candle or home fire. Our staff at Shriners Children's treat all flame burns, from small injuries to large burns requiring hospitalization.

Fourth Degree Burns

World-renowned burn care expertise at Shriners Children's provides hope and life-changing care to children with fourth degree burns.

Friction Injuries

A friction injury resembles a burn and occurs when skin is harmed by rubbing against a hard surface, causing heat and abrasion. Our burn care teams are skilled at treating these injuries.

Radiation Burns

A sunburn is the most common type of radiation burn. It can take hours for a sunburn to present and can be serious. We treat all the types of burn injuries with the latest innovations.

Second Degree Burns

Shriners Children's treats second degree burns or partial thickness burns which destroy the top and middle layers of the skin.


At Shriners Children’s our burn care team uses advanced diagnostics and innovative treatments to care for children with scalds.


Sunburns can be surprisingly serious. When your child is treated at Shriners Children’s you know the outcome is in the hands of the medical leaders in burn care.

Third Degree Burns

At Shriners Children's our team is skilled at treating third degree burns, also referred to as full thickness burns, which are among the most serious burn injuries.

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