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33rd Annual Ashley Lectureship Series

33rd Annual Ashley Lectureship Series

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Rolando Roberto, M.D., Chief of Orthopedics, Shriners Children’s Northern California:

Well, today we're fortunate to be celebrating the legacy of R. Ashley Kirklin, who was one of the founding surgeons and chief of staff at Shriners Hospital, Northern California. And this event is dedicated to his legacy of care for kids and specialty in pediatric spine surgery today.

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Firoz Miyanji, M.D., FRCSC, MBA, Clinical Professor, UBC Department of Orthopedics:

I'm Firoz Miyanji. I'm a pediatric spine surgeon from British Columbia. So I was invited as the visiting professor for the Ashley Lectureship. I was able to give talks, some on innovative therapy, things on decision making around cerebral palsy, and it was a great event with academic exchange with my other colleagues.

Michelle Welborn, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Shriners Children’s Portland:

My name is Michelle Welborn and I'm the chief of spine surgery at the Shriners Hospital in Portland Oregon, and I'm here today to participate in the Ashley Lectureship and to help educate residents and other faculty about growth in patients with spinal deformity.

Firoz Miyanji:

In medicine, things change pretty dramatically and you're always trying to improve things and in academics it's very nice to have collaborative approach. Center's doing something and other centers can learn from it and so when you continue this academics exchange and the ability to help train each other, I think that just advances medicine and in the end it's for our patients and their care.

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