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Isaac Knows the Importance of Physical Therapy

Isaac's Work Ethic Shines Through His Surgery Recovery

11-year-old Isaac understands the importance of hard work. After all, he plays five instruments! Recently, he put his work ethic toward recovering after a major leg surgery. Physical therapy played a major role in his healing. His mother, Marcela, leads the respiratory therapy department at Shriners Children's St. Louis. She says the care her son received was outstanding and she's amazed at his progress thus far.
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Isaac, Shriners Children’s Patient:

My knee was dislocated. So, what they did is they cut my tendon so that they could shift it over along with my kneecap and my knee. They loosened tissue on both sides and tightened it on one. After that, I had lots of rehab and physical therapy with an eight-week span of non-weight bearing.

Marcela, Isaac’s Mom and Respiratory Therapist:

Dr. Nepple, this is amazing because he wants more. "Isaac, this is what we are going to do. Next week, we do this, next week." And he immediately, "Okay, Dr. Nepple told me? I can do it." But this is emotions and willing to do because he sees Shriners. There is no time for anything else than to be better.


Over my life, I was born preemie, I've had multiple surgeries in my life. I'm a severe asthmatic. And with that being said, I have gone to Shriners and I've had help. I've gotten surgeries done here and that have really impacted my life.


12 o'clock.


I really want to be maybe some type of surgeon or physician and if that will not be my case, I will go on to being a sports medicine doctor. Thanks to the influence from my Dr. Nepple.


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