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Teen Burn Survivor Inspires Donation to Therapy Team

Teen burn survivor inspires donation to therapy department

On a recent return trip from treatment at Shriners Children's Ohio, 13-year-old Courtney shared her story as a burn survivor with a fellow airplane passenger. He was so inspired by her spirit, courage and humor that he made a $2,000 donation to the occupational therapy department at the hospital. Courtney's occupational therapist, Lisa, surprised her with a ceremonial check.
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Panel 1

This is Courtney.

Panel 2

She was seriously burned in a car accident.

Panel 3

She’s worked hard with our therapists to regain her strength.

Panel 4

She routinely tells people how Shriners Children’s changed her life.

Panel 5

One man was so inspired that he made a donation to our occupational therapy department in Courtney’s name!

Panel 6

Her favorite occupational therapist, Lisa, surprised her with the news of the donation.

Panel 7

Narrator: There is actually someone here for you.

Courtney: Lisa!

Lisa: Hi!

Panel 8

I missed you! I missed you too!

Panel 9

Thank you Scott for the incredible gift!

Panel 10

We’re so proud of Courtney and love the bond she has with Lisa!