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DEXA Scan at Shriners Children's Portland

DEXA scan at Shriners Children’s Portland

Installed April 2023, the DEXA scan at Shriners Children’s Portland is the first DEXA scan calibrated for children in the Pacific Northwest!
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[Bottom third: Waseem, Shriners Children's Portland Patient]


This machine right here, this will save us multiple trips of going from our house to over here. I was like, "We can all do it in one day." We're across the hall. She's like, "All right. Let's do your bone density right here." And yeah. One day saves time and just everything. It's amazing having this here.

[Bottom third: Ellen Raney, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Shriners Children's Portland]

Ellen Raney, M.D.:

This will help us measure the density in the bones and help us decide treatment if kids need it to try to make their bones more solid. It's all a part of our new bone health clinic that we're very excited about to treat more kids. We've always treated kids with genetic conditions, such as osteogenesis imperfecta or rickets, and now we're expanding that to other conditions that make kids' bones not as hard as they should be. Now, the people can come and see me or see my partner, Dr. Nicol, for a visit, and then we can go straight and we can just go right here and just get the test on the same day, same time. So it's wonderful.

[Bottom third: Lindsay Nicol, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinologist

Lindsay Nicol, M.D.:

This is critical that we have a machine that's dedicated for pediatrics, used only for kids, the proper reference ranges, the proper technologists to get accurate results and to get results that help us improve their care.

[Bottom third: Mostafa, Father of Shriners Children's Portland Patient]


On the top of the list, Shriner Hospital and Dr. Raney and Dr. Nicol showed on the top of the search. We joined some Facebook group for patients who actually use Shriner and we received an enormous amount of good feedback. And that's when we realized that where we have to be is the Portland area. And since then, we have moved here the past five years, and we have been using the services of Shriner.

I have never been into any facility that provide the level of care that Shriner Hospital provides. And I just want to encourage them to keep up the good work and thank them for the service they have provided for us.