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PediOrtho WEST Resident Education Course 2023

PediOrtho WEST Resident Education Course 2023

Shriners Children's Northern California proudly hosted over 40 orthopedic medical residents in their first, second, third or fourth post graduate year of studies (PGY 1-4) at the 2023 Pediatric Orthopedic Western Education and Surgical Techniques Resident Education Course (PediOrtho WEST) last weekend. The event kicked off with a hosted welcome dinner followed by a full day of education courses. The event was directed by Chief of Orthopedics Jon R. Davids, M.D., and orthopedic surgeon Vedant Kulkarni, M.D., who gathered pediatric orthopedic surgeons from Shriners Children’s Northern California and a number of Northern California’s leading children’s hospitals to provide participants early exposure to the field of pediatric orthopedics.
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Jon R. Davids, M.D.,Shriners Children's Northern California:

Participating in the PediOrtho WEST Resident Education course is energizing, it's exciting, it's inspiring. The connections with my colleagues, my professional colleagues from across Northern California, the connections with the residents who are here to learn, the connections with the advanced practice participants who are here as well. All of this, it is one of the best elements of my job.

Vedant Kulkarni, M.D.,Shriners Children's Northern California:

PediOrtho WEST Resident Education Course is designed to teach first, second and third year residents the basics and fundamentals of pediatric orthopedics. We do that in a small group environment to have a very low faculty to student ratio to really promote discussion and mentorship.

Kelsey Hideshima, Intern, UC Davis Orthopedic Surgery Program:

Hi, my name is Kelsey Hideshima and I'm currently an intern at the UC Davis Orthopedic Surgery Program. It's been really, really awesome. I think one thing that's really special about this is that we have residents and faculty from all different programs. So I know orthopedics is a small field, but having this kind of opportunity to get to speak with people from different programs and get to know them on a more personal level has been fantastic.

Jay Edington, OrthoPediatrics:

Essentially, what we try to do in a non-surgical environment is bring in similar scale down sets, instrumentation that you would actually see used in the operating room, and allow the residents to get their hands on it and practice it, touch it, feel it, taste it, get acclimated, practice the procedure. So when they do start doing surgeries themselves, they're much more acclimated to the instrumentation, understand how it's used and can ask the questions along the way before they actually have to use them in surgery.

Caroline Eaton, :Foundation for Advancing Pediatric Orthopaedics

PediOrtho WEST is a wonderful example of what we can replicate around the country and all over the world to really ensure that all children with orthopedic needs are taken care of.

Vedant Kulkarni, M.D.,Shriners Children's Northern California:

For those who are interested in pediatric orthopedics as a future career, we hope to inspire them and open their eyes to all the possibilities of our subspecialty.

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