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Shriners Children's Float, Back in the Game, at the 2023 Rose Parade

Shriners Children's Float, Back in the Game, at the 2023 Rose Parade

For the 12th consecutive year, Shriners Children’s participated in the iconic Rose Parade presented by Honda. This year’s float, entitled Back in the Game, depicted our patients’ joy in overcoming challenges and realizing their dreams. The parade took place on January 2 in Pasadena, California, and drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers and spectators.
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Katherine, National Patient Ambassador:
I am so excited to be here. Seeing all the floats lined up really gets you geared up and ready to go, and seeing how excited everyone is to be here. So I just can't wait for the day to start.

Mel Bower, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Shriners Children's:
So our theme song this year is Unstoppable, and we think that ties in perfectly to our theme of back in the game because our kids don't give up, and when they face challenges of any kind, we at Shriners and our medical teams and our care teams, we try to help them overcome all of that, and that's a perfect way for us to tell our story today at the Rose Parade.

JJ Craven, First Lady, Shriners International:
It is so exciting to be here. Everybody's coming by, they're thanking us, they're telling us stories about how their family members have been helped by Shriners Children's.

Kenneth G. "Kenny" Craven, Imperial Potentate, Shriners International:
I had one story about a lady come up to me and said her son was a patient at our hospital. So it's a great time to be out here this morning, get to see a lot of people and tell our story about Shriner's hospitals.

Parker, National Patient Ambassador:
It's been pretty cool seeing all the people, being able to pass out pens, and I'm just ready for it to go by and be able to have the nice experience and I'm just ready to get into the action of it.

Jim Doel, Trustee, Board of Trustees, Shriners Children's:
It's amazing. The work is so intricate, it's beautiful, and it reflects quite accurately the hundreds of hours that have been put into producing the float by our volunteers, and we're so thankful for that.

Speaker 7:
I don't think I've been more proud to be a part of Shriners Children's than I am this morning. And everyone out there watching, they should be very proud of this beautiful float.

Bob Roller, Director, Sports Management:
It's really an honor for our sporting events to be a part of Shriner's Children's float this year. A global world audience will see our story today and hear about it with our back in the game theme for our sporting event.

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