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Video Tour of Shriners Childrens Ohio

Video Tour of Shriners Children's Ohio

Shriners Children's Ohio is one of the four Shriners hospitals dedicated to the treatment of pediatric burns and specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Located with Dayton Children's Hospital, SCO is the first hospital in the Shriners healthcare system to launch a hospital-within-a-hospital model. Our physicians’ experience and expertise in burn treatment, cleft lip and palate, complex wound and skin conditions, and plastic and reconstructive surgery makes Shriners Children's Ohio a first choice for care.
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Speaker 1:

Welcome to Shriners Children's Ohio, located in Dayton, the city where dreams can literally take flight and innovation is in its DNA. Shriners Children's Ohio is proud to add to that legacy through our state of the art hospital within a hospital model. Our leading edge treatment in burns, craniofacial disorders. Cleft lip and palate and complex skin and wound conditions now happens inside Dayton Children's.

A new location, but with the same commitment to provide children the most amazing care anywhere. A three story colorful and bright atrium lets families know this is a place designed for children. Their imaginations can literally soar in the Take Flight gallery, looking up at the Dragon Flyer. Easy way finding signs will guide parents to elevators for a short ride up to Shriners Children's Ohio.

Families will easily recognize our iconic Shriner statue, known as the Silent Messenger, representing a century of commitment, expertise and compassion in improving the lives of children. Our friendly registration staff will quickly get patients checked in and settled in a family-friendly space. Our physical and occupational therapy departments foster mobility and rehabilitation through exercise and play. The next stop is the outpatient clinic where patients will have their initial or follow up appointments. But these rooms are so much more than four walls. It's where collaboration meets results. A multidisciplinary team developing a care plan for every patient's individual needs.

Next is the nurses station, the heartbeat of our inpatient care unit. Our nurses back a team of skilled surgeons and physicians. Shriners Children's Ohio is a verified burn center by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons. This distinction recognizes the highest level of care and clinical research on behalf of our patients.

Our experienced team is also a leader in plastics and reconstructive surgeries to treat a variety of congenital and traumatic conditions like cleft lip and palate, hand and ear deformities, and a range of skin conditions. Our care extends to the family too, offering support services inside and outside the hospital. This family-centered philosophy was established by our founders more than 100 years ago. That commitment continues today in the friendships forged between our patients and Shriners.

These wraparound services are all under one roof and within one visit. It's a haven for children and families seeking comfort. It's a launchpad for medical breakthroughs in how we treat burns, cleft lip and palate and skin conditions. It's an invitation for children to dream without limitations. Shriners Children's Ohio, providing the most amazing care anywhere.