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Specialized burn care at Shriners Children's Ohio

Specialized Burn Care at Shriners Children's Ohio

Learn about the specialized pediatric burn care and how families say that care changed their child's life.
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My name is Jaclyn. I am Bryson's mother.

It all started when he was eight years old. In March of 2015, we had a fire burning in our backyard, and he decided to pour some gasoline onto it out of our gas tank. Well, the flames met the fumes and then blew up the gas tank, which therefore blew up all over him. Luckily, a bunch of neighbors had pulled over, stopped by, helped put him out.

He then got onto a care flight, and I sped down 75. When I walked in, there was just so, so many people around him that I couldn't even see how he was doing and what was going on. Almost instantly they said, "We're going to Shriners."

Speaker 2:

I do remember Bryson well because he was an 87% burn. The key for our burn group is to have a multidisciplinary team approach. So it is a combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutritional evaluations, child life, care coordinators to manage the family issues but also help allow for social reintegration when the children return back to home. I think what's also important is to address the psychological reaction.

Kimberly Tran, Rehabilitation Manager:

Typically, when a patient comes in, a therapist actually see them from day one. We will evaluate their range of motion, their strength, their activities of daily living, how they're walking. And anything that we see as deficits or not functional, we play a role in that to make sure that they can become functional again.

Speaker 2:

The wraparound care is also defined by the fact that we follow the children from when they're injured to when they're an adult, and that is not something you see in other facilities. We are there to help with growth spurts that cause scar contracture bands. We're there to help with any other skin-related issues that might occur because of the burn to help facilitate your recovery.

Kimberly Tran:

It is exceptional care, and we treat every family as our family.


Shriners Children's in Ohio has tremendously helped my family, mainly my son. Like I said, without them, he wouldn't be here at all. They make these kids feel comfortable. And anything that they want to do, any type of person they want to be, they're right there behind them, helping them out and getting them to be the best people they can be.

A lot of times I'm just truly inspired and awestruck by the strength of all these children, and it's all due to Shriners.

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