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Kansas Shrine Bowl Proves to be More Than a Game

Kansas Shrine Bowl Proves to be More Than a Game

The Kansas Shrine Bowl Hospital Experience expanded minds and moved hearts. We are so thankful for to our passionate patient ambassadors who led this important charge at Pittsburg State University. Let's say it together: ALL ABILITIES ARE AWESOME!
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Speaker 1:

Basically you put on oven mitts and then take the [inaudible 00:00:04] and you try to unscrew it and then put back on.

Speaker 2:

Left, right, left.

Speaker 3:

Welcome to the Kansas Shrine Bowl.

Speaker 4:

When he was born I didn't know he was going to be born that way. And I wondered if maybe he'd even be able to write, hold a pencil. He has an AB average in school. Does well. Now he plays competitive baseball.

B.J. Harris:

He does not have the fibula bone in his left leg. And the one in his right leg is very short.

Armon Acosta:

Especially seeing the patients and the stuff that they have to go through, the challenges that they have to face every day is nothing that we can compare to. It's a blessing to be able to see this.

Casen Stallbaumer:

I might struggle with some things here and there, especially in sports, but it does not compare to things that these guys have to go through every single day.

Emily Horr:

People with disabilities can do things the same or even better with people that don't have disabilities.

Mike Cook:

They understand what [inaudible 00:01:31] all about. It's really for the kids and they get to interact with the kids, which is really special.

Speaker 10:

Old McDonald had a bank...

B.J. Harris:

Those guys, they put all their energy into something already without a full grasp probably of why they're doing it. And this is the why. This puts the why in our game. Really, you see that light bulb kick on for these guys and they recognize that this is bigger than themselves. And for some of these guys, it might be the first time they've done something like that, bigger than themselves, and for somebody else. And I've always thought that's one of the coolest things about our event is that it's win or lose it's for the kids.

Speaker 1:

That yes, she's different, but even though that she's different doesn't mean that she can't do anything that you can. We can do the same things as you guys can.