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Innovation and Transformational Change

Shriners Children's: A Culture of Innovation and Transformational Change

Having a combination of ways to access and provide care will lead to better care, better outcomes and a better vision for providing care in the future.
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Speaker 1:

Shriners Children's, a culture of innovation and transformational change. Change is a constant in today's fast paced world. It happens all around us all the time in every part of life and industry, including the medical field. One of the most important changes in medical care is the emphasis on outpatient care. Today outpatient care is the expectation of both providers and parents.

Places of change. We continue that tradition today at all of our locations, both hospitals and outpatient centers. Having a combination of ways to access and provide care will lead to better care, better outcomes and a better vision for providing care in the future. Today approximately a third of our facilities are operating as various models of outpatient centers. As a result, our expenses are down and our patient numbers are higher than ever. In 2021, we had more than 440,000 patient visits, the most ever.

One example of our new care model at work can be seen at our Twin Cities facility. Patients served by our Twin Cities location can now be seen at outreach locations in South Dakota, Nebraska and North Dakota, as well as in Minneapolis all on an outpatient basis. In addition, Shriner's physicians see Blank Children's patients at a Blank facility in Iowa sharing their particular medical expertise.

In 2021, the Twin Cities' outpatient facility and their other affiliated locations saw more than 8,000 patients, a global commitment. We also want to extend our reach internationally and transform the lives of children on a global scale. We have initiated a new international strategy beginning with increasing our presence in Canada and Mexico. We will continue to expand our commitment to provide care to children who need us wherever they may live and offer educational opportunities for the local medical professionals. We hope one day more of our international patients can be cared for closer to home.

Another opportunity we are actively pursuing is establishing a physician's group. This will give us the flexibility to have our doctors where they are most needed at any given time. Having our own physicians group will allow our physicians to work seamlessly throughout our system with the ability to move easily from our hospitals to outpatient facilities, even across state lines. We will be able to see our patients wherever they are.

Changing care through research. Driven by new knowledge research has the potential to provide improved treatments and is a long range way of transforming care and lives. In 2022, our corporate research department is managing 90 projects across the healthcare system. Notable areas of research include motion analysis and genomics. This year for the first time ever our Mexico hospital is participating in one of the studies. That is exciting and will expand our potential even further.

Keeping our care traditions. Innovation and change are part of the fabric and history of Shriners Children's, but they aren't everything. We continue our traditions of seeing patients throughout their childhood to provide close, ongoing relationships between patients, families and their medical team. We will always be mindful of our mission to provide high quality safe care in a nurturing family centered environment, regardless of the family's ability to pay for services. We are committed to our signature wraparound care, which seeks to consider the overall wellbeing of our patients and give them every possible resource to achieve their goals and believe in their dreams, and become as confident and independent as possible. Able to take their place in society with grace, community and purpose.

This is an exciting time for Shriners Children's. We have a unique opportunity to stand out as a true leader in pediatric healthcare. One able to offer both transformational change and remain focused on our traditions of mission and purpose.