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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Shriners Children's

This is Unstoppable

Watch as we reflect on our first 100 years of being unstoppable for our patients—and join us as we look ahead to the next 100.
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Speaker 1:

100 years ago Shriner's Children's made a promise. One made of brick and mortar and compassion. One sworn to protect and heal the most precious among us. A century later, we are still keeping that promise with facilities all across the globe, helping children from almost every country in the world, with an unwavering dedication to breakthroughs in care, with an ever-growing army of healers standing ready and able. So when a child is staring down a health challenge, we're at their side. When parents despair in the dark, we shine a light. Together we've treated more than 1.5 million patients. 1.5 million children who inspired us with their endless drive to keep moving forward. And so we will too. Because 100 years later our commitment stands. Like our patients we will not yield. We will not quit. We are unstoppable.