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Lawn Mower Safety Tips with Fezzy

Lawn Mower Safety Tips with Fezzy

Fezzy shares safety tips to help avoid injuries involving lawn mowers.
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Fezzy: Why, hello there. Welcome to Safety Tips with Fezzy. Today's episode is one of incredible social importance, we will be talking about ...

Speaker 2: Daddy?

Fezzy: What?

Speaker 2: Mommy says you need to mow the lawn.

Fezzy: The lawn? But I just did that yesterday. How bad could it possibly be?

Speaker 2: It's spring.

Fezzy: Ah, not so fast. I think this is a great opportunity for you to learn some lawnmower safety.

Fezzy: Okay, I'll go get the lawnmower, but before I can mow, we need to make sure the yard is clear. Your job is to pick up any toys and loose items. Here, use us to update me on your progress.

Speaker 2: Mission engaged.

Speaker 2: Mission going as planned.

Fezzy: Oh, good.

Speaker 2: You forgot to say ...

Fezzy: Oh, right. I made it to the shed, so be sure to stay away while I take out the lawnmower.

Speaker 2: Because that would compromise the mission?

Fezzy: Exactly. It's not safe for children to be around lawnmowers.

Speaker 2: Roger that, big daddy. Over and out.

Giraffe: Why, hello there, neighbor.

Fezzy: Hey.

Giraffe: Still using that old clunker, are you? Hey, check out my new ride. It's so nice. Hey, where's Fern? Is she going to help you mow or what?

Fezzy: She's cleaning the other side of the lawn. She has to be 12 years old before she can operate the push mower.

Giraffe: Oh, that's okay. My young man over here wants to drive to lawnmower, don't you, sport? But you have to be 16 before it's safe to operate one these bad boys. Okay, so why don't you just go back inside there. Try out for basketball next summer.

Speaker 2: Mission is in progress.

Speaker 2: Big daddy, this is [inaudible 00:02:36]. The remaining hostages have been found.

Fezzy: Thank goodness. Would you mind picking up any large sticks or rocks on your way back? They need to be picked up as well.

Speaker 2: A honey bucket.

Fezzy: Now that's what I call a job well done.

Fezzy: Well, at least we can win until tomorrow. It's not safe to mow grass that's wet.

Sunshine: Hey, let me get that for you.

Fezzy: Thanks.

Fezzy: Hey kids, we sure learned a lot today, didn't we? Mowing the lawn is an important chore, but keep in mind, lawnmowers can be dangerous. For younger kids, the most important rule is to stay away from lawnmowers. You have to be 12 years old to operate a push mower, and 16 to operate a riding mower. If you want to help out but you aren't quite old enough to be around the mower, ask your parents if you can help clean up the yard beforehand, toys, sticks, rocks, and other items could be a potential hazard, so picking them up makes everyone safer. You can even turn it into a game like my daughter Fern did earlier.

Speaker 2: Yeah, you can also help by reminding your parents to stay safe. Help them remember to wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, closed toed shoes, and cool safety goggles like my dad's.

Fezzy: Just make sure to go inside before the mowing actually begins and stay there as long as it's running. And remember, call 911 in case of an emergency.

Speaker 2: Once the mowing is all done, you can have fun and play in your nice clean yard.

Fezzy: That's all for now. Be smart and stay safe.

Speaker 2: Be smart and stay safe.