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Kaysie Li and Andie Sue Acheive Greatness at Shriners Children's

Kaysie Li and Andie Sue Achieve Greatness at Shriners Children's

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Opening screen: Shriners Children's Northern California logo

Bottom third: Barbie, Mother of Andie Sue and Kaysie Li

Barbie: We were first introduced to Shriner's Children's when we knew we were adopting a child from China who needed an amputation of her right limb. Dr. Lerman was the surgeon who performed the amputations for both of my daughters.

Bottom third: Andie Sue, Patient at Shriners Children's

Andie Sue: Dr. Lerman first amputated my leg when I was 15 months old. He seen me figure out what I wanted to do with life. He seen me figure out my love for horses. And it's been really cool to show him all of the new competitions that I've gone to and the awards I've received. Dr. Lerman and Eric have been super supportive for my journey to the Paralympics.

Bottom third: Eric Smith, Certified Prosthetist

Eric Smith: Designing a prosthesis around the equestrian work that Andie Sue's doing has been really fun. We had to go outside the box and see a design of a prosthesis that is going to fit and function right as she's in those stirrups.

Bottom third: Kaysie Li, patient at Shriners Children's

Kaysie Li: My interest in dogs actually didn't really start until I was 14, and I've always loved them, dogs, because they're super cute. They make an impact when you're going through a surgery. Just like having that fluffy dog, cute dog right next to you. I want to do that for other people because that felt really good when it was done for me.

Kaysie Li: This is Rusty. He's a red tri Australian shepherd being trained for service and therapy.

Kaysie Li: Eric has been amazing about making our prosthetics. He always makes sure that they are fit right. He cares about just the tiniest bit of detail.

Eric Smith: It's really fun to match the prosthesis with the legs. And so they really feel like it's part of them and it's part of what makes them special and strong.

Barbie: See, it's really hard to say thank you enough to the staff. They've done so much for our family. And I don't even know how to express that gratitude to them for how comfortable they've made us feel. A lot of people would say it's just impossible and Shriners has said every step of the way it's possible. So thank you.

End screen: Shriners Children's Northern California logo