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Burn Awareness with Boots and Brewster

Boots N' Brewster: The Burn Awareness Pair

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Ooh! Aah! Ooh!


Brewster! Phew! That was close. You shouldn't run or play in the... Whoa! You shouldn't run or play in the kitchen especially when someone's cooking, you can get burned by the stove or the oven. It's important to keep pots, pans, and electrical cords away from the edge of the counter. You may knock one over and get shocked! In fact, all appliances should be kept at a safe distance.


Brewster. The microwave is only used for food, which we should place in a microwave safe container. Well I guess that's food, Brewster. If only we had some toast. Brewster! Shouldn't you check the water temperature before you get in? Remember Brewster, water above 120 degrees can cause serious burns. When filling the tub, turn on cold water first and then add hot until it's just right. Be sure to sit on the opposite side of the tap away from the faucets. And you should never use electronics near water. Isn't that right? Brewster!


Electrical appliances near water can be just as dangerous as fire. Even the hairdryer, Brewster. You're going to have to wait until you get out of the tab. Brewster! What are you doing? This red can contains gasoline. Don't ever play with it, especially around open flames or matches. It is only supposed to be used to fuel real engines, it should never be used for any other purpose. In fact, it should never be stored inside the home. If you ever smell gasoline vapors, leave the area and tell an adult. Remember, gasoline is flammable.


And if an emergency does occur, make sure you know your family's fire escape plan. Fire escape plan. Fire escape plan. You should have two exits from each room and a designated meeting place at a safe distance. Also, ask your parents if your home has smoke detectors. And remember to always call 911 emergency! What is that beeping sound? Oh. I guess he was listening to the fire escape plan after all.