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Colorectal and GI Conditions The Most Amazing Care Anywhere

Colorectal and GI Conditions, The Most Amazing Care Anywhere

Our noted team of pediatric surgeons understand the physical and emotional impacts of colon and rectal diseases. They lead a multidisciplinary team of professionals that manage the entire spectrum of care for kids of all ages – from infants to adolescents. Whether it be complex surgery, medical management or psychosocial support, our team addresses the individual needs of each patient. In all cases, the goal is to put patients on the path to independence by freeing them from the social stigma that may leave them feeling ashamed, depressed and alone.
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If your child avoids doing the things they love because of a bowel issue you need Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California. We are a highly specialized hospital for colorectal care our innovative program provides life-changing treatment for kids who struggle to control their symptoms. No more shame, no more embarrassment. Our doctors work relentlessly to provide the best possible outcome a confident childhood families from all over the world. Choose Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern California. The most amazing care anywhere.