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Alexis explains her organization EmBrace You

Alexis explains her organization EmBrace You

When Alexis was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis, she made it her goal to find a way to help others diagnosed with her same condition. EmBrace You is her organization that makes and provides Brace Bags for kids to keep their brace in during activities. For more information about EmBrace You, or Brace Bag pickup/mailing options, email: or call: 701-226-8536
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Hi my name is Alexis I'm 13 years old live in North Dakota and am the proud founder of embrace you. In March of 2018 I was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis instead of letting this life-changing diagnosis get me down i decide to use it as a way that I can help others so I created my own organization called embrace you embrace you was founded to promote scoliosis awareness provide peer-to-peer support and my favorite part getting to create and distribute brace bags to scoliosis patients which is what i wanted to talk about today. Even though I had to wear my back brace 20 hours a day there were times when I had to take it off for gym class at school or for other activities my gym locker wasn't big enough and it's hard to find a bag that's large enough to fit the bulky back braces many scoliosis patients have to wear I carried mine around in a large crinkly shopping bag which was embarrassing until i realized that something needed to change talking with other scoliosis patients I realized that this was a problem that many others had too and so the idea for brace bags was created. My aunt helped me to create the pattern for brace bags which are large drawstring bags helpful for brace transportation. 

Embrace you currently partners with Shriners Children's the goal is to get these bags distributed to all scoliosis patients doctoring at shriners locations around the country but with each location needing an average of 100 bags per year a lot of brace bags must be completed and that's where you come in. Embrace you is in need of your help so we can continue to provide these bags free of charge to scoliosis patients do you like to sew brace bags. Are easy and fun to make with a good understanding of instructions and when all materials are purchased on sale each bag costs less than ten dollars and can be completed in under one hour contact me for easy to follow instructions. Donations of materials to help make the bags as well as monetary donations are all so appreciated. We use donations to help create the bags as well as cover shipping costs. Thank you so much for supporting embrace u and for helping scoliosis patients like me around the country.