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Greenville Hospital Tour

Hospital Tour: Shriners Children's Greenville

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Sydney: Hi, I'm Sydney, and before I was a contestant in the Miss South Carolina Pageant, I was a patient right here at the Shriners Hospital for Children - Greenville. My buddy Grayson and I and a few of our other friends would like to thank you for joining us on this tour and show you a glimpse into how this hospital has truly changed our lives. Are you ready Grayson?

Grayson: Let's go.

Sydney: Since 1927, Greenville Shriners Hospital has cared for children with scoliosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, limb deficiencies, and other orthopedic conditions. We wanted to take you on a special tour today so you can experience the love that has rescued so many children throughout the years.

Referred to by one patient's mother as a hospital inside of a playground, children entering Greenville Shriners Hospital are greeted not by fluorescent lights and tile floors, but rather safari animals and a running waterfall. Just as the staff are each trained to offer care specifically for pediatric patients, the environment of the hospital thoughtfully serves to make kids feel at ease and welcome. A playground outside is custom-made for patients and siblings who have extra energy to spend, while the kids end up upstairs is complete with pool tables and games. 

While the trusted surgeons addresses each child's physical needs, the child life department addresses the patient's emotional needs. They know the best prescription for a kid is fun.

Now let's meet Jarin, so she can tell you how the Shriners Hospital has personally affected her life.

Jarin: Hi. My name is Jarin. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11, and now that I'm 18, I have had countless X-rays. With the EOS machine, I received 90% less radiation than I would with a standard X-ray.

Sydney: While traditional X-rays are available, the state of the art EOS sets the hospital apart. Based on a Nobel Prize winning invention in physics, the EOS machine enables doctors to receive the clearest images, all while exposing the patient to minimal radiation.

Walking, running and jumping are three things that all kids should be able to enjoy. Greenville Shriners Hospital for Children likes to help kids be kids, and our prosthetics and orthotics department makes that possible. Meet our all-star Brandon and the team that helps him shoot for the stars.

Brandon: Hi. I'm Brandon. When I was six years old, I got really, really sick and it caused a paralysis in my right side. But thanks to the Shriners POPS Department, I was able to get this brace that will help me play basketball and do all the things I love. They even made me a brace for the beach and the pool. That way I can keep up with my brothers.

Sydney: Prosthetics and orthotics, custom-designed to fit the personality and needs of each individual patient is no further away than the first floor of the hospital. Certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, staff stay up to date on the latest techniques.

The Shriners Hospital is an incredible place, not only because of our excellent staff, but our specialty clinics that we offer to our patients. Allow me to introduce you to Maximo to hear about his experience in the motion analysis lab.

Manuel: Coming to a hospital that had this level of technology and knowing that was going to allow the doctor to have a better understanding exactly of what needed to be done for his surgery. We had been at other facilities and this is the one that had the motion analysis lab. Overall we have just been overwhelmed with the support and the love we have received at this facility.

Sydney: Specialized motion capture cameras monitoring the movement of the child paired with sensors to gauge muscle activity and floor plates to measure foot pressure all combine to help a multidisciplinary team come up with a plan for care that's nothing short of life-changing.

Receiving outstanding rehabilitation services at Greenville Shriners Hospital is pivotal in helping kids build independence and confidence. Through hard work, physical and occupational therapy transforms the lives of children like Angela.

Lashanna: Hi, I'm Lashanna and this is my daughter Angela. When she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we wanted to find the best care possible. We came to Greenville Shriners Hospital where we received excellent occupational and physical therapy that made it possible not only for Angela to be able to walk but also run.

Sydney: Equipped with a skilled team of occupational and physical therapists, the rehabilitation department is located in the heart of the hospital on the second floor. Here, inpatient and outpatients alike come to heal from short-term injuries as well as overcome the effects of longterm conditions.

The outpatient clinic at the Greenville Shriners Hospital is a busy place. Here, not only do patients with complex conditions come for regular checkups, but it's also home to the injury care clinic, where strains, sprains and fractures are seen on short notice. Meet [Joclyn 00:04:39], who is grateful for the quick care that she received.

Joclyn: One day when I was playing soccer, I hurt my ankle. The very next day my mom got me an appointment at Shriners Hospital. They X-rayed me and told me that it was just a simple sprain, so then they gave me a boot to wear and then in two weeks I was back playing soccer.

Sydney: Whether it's a girl who needs only one appointment or a boy who may need many, the outpatient clinic serves countless needs. Here, patients with complex conditions come for routine checkups with their surgeons, and the continuum of trusted care continues.

Greenville Shriners Hospital is home to one of the largest and most trusted teams of pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the Carolinas. They are skilled and compassionate. How do I know this? As a scoliosis patient, I underwent a spinal surgery right here at the age of 12. Because of the excellent care that I received, I went on to stand tall as I competed in the Miss South Carolina Pageant and later accepted my college diploma. My story is just one example of a dream that came true thanks to the Greenville Shriners Hospital. That concludes our tour, but the work to change countless more lives continues.