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Ms. Wheelchair America Visit

WJET 08 15 2017 Ms Wheelchair America Visit

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Speaker 1:
Miss Wheelchair America Pageant contestants continue their tour of Erie this week.

Speaker 2:
Today at Shriners Hospital for Children, interacting with patients and staff, title holders from 26 States stopped at the medical center to visit with children, helping to instill confidence and leadership skills as part of their mission. The Miss Wheelchair America visitors also helped to make bracelets that will be donated to Emily's Beads for Needs, a fundraising initiative started by a young Shriners patient.

Eliza Stauffer:
It's really fulfilling for many of us because we grew up with Shriners. We're Shriner patients ourselves and so, to get to come here and collaborate and bring attention to how much good Shriners has done for us, and then to pay it forward, is just a very full circle of advocacy.

Speaker 2:
The pageant is in Erie this weekend. Organizers say the participants are judged on their public speaking, advocacy, and the initiative. The winner of Miss Wheelchair USA becomes a spokeswoman for people with disabilities.

Speaker 1:
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