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Shriners Children's Southern California Dedication Ceremony

Shriners for Children Medical Center Dedication Ceremony

The New Shriners for Children Medical Center will open in Pasadena mid-summer 2017
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David R. Doan:
Shriners Hospitals for Children started in the 1920s to help kids who were not getting any kind of medical care and that theme and that commitment continues to today, to make sure that no child who has a need that we can provide services for goes without quality medical services.

Lou Lazatin:
So we're very happy about being here in Pasadena. We've got Shriners for Children Medical Center and it's a two acre site on Fair Oaks and it's contiguous to Huntington Hospital. We've got two surgical suites, so we can do surgeries for young children, obviously and we've got 20 exam rooms for our surgeons to see their patients. And then we've got a full rehabilitation gym so that we can do physical therapy and occupational therapy. There's about 20 million children our facility serves and it'll be all of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico. And so we treat kids from all over the Southwest, so we're very happy that the Shriners fraternity in all these states and in all of Northern Mexico refer their children to us.

Chris L. Smith:
If you look around today, you see the people that are here and the excitement that is exemplified from their expressions and to be here in such a [inaudible 00:01:39] day. You see Shriners here from others Shriners Centers that bring children here to this medical center for care and it's just a very exciting day for them.

David R. Doan:
Shriners across the world are volunteers when it comes to what happens at our hospitals and none of us gets paid for the services that our kids provide, but the reward that we all get is the satisfaction seeing the smiles on children's faces, to see children's lives transformed. That is what makes us proud to be Shriners. And this facility, as our facility in Los Angeles has for 65 years, made hundreds of thousands of kids' lives better. This facility for another 65 years are going to make thousands of kids better and capable of doing whatever they can in their world and that is a tremendous thing, and I'm so proud of my board and all of the Shriners who participated in this. It's a great day for us. It's a great payday and we're all smiling.