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From Diagnosis to Canvas: Isabella’s Artful Journey with Scoliosis

Isabella, a patient with scoliosis at Shriners Children's Southern California, turns her story into art.

Only 9 years old, Isabella has become an artist, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

She hasn’t allowed her scoliosis to get in the way of her goals, dreams and passion. Motivated to spread awareness about her condition, Isabella created a self-portrait, which she turned into note cards and magnets for her school's Entrepreneurial Fair in October, raising $450 to donate to Shriners Children’s. To deliver her message loud and clear, she took her colored pencils and began to draw.

In December 2021, Isabella and her family began their journey with Shriners Children’s. The introduction came when other families, whose children also face scoliosis, shared their positive experiences at the medical center with Isabella's family. The recommendations led Isabella to Robert Cho, M.D., chief of staff, who continues to be her doctor. She shared that Dr. Cho and certified prosthetist orthotist Elizabeth Gee are “silly and make her laugh.”

Highlighting his patient’s success, Dr. Cho said, “She is doing really well in her treatment. In fact so well, she's drawn pictures of herself, which I think are awesome. She's doing a great job in our facility.”

Along with the impressive team at Shriners Children’s, Isabella’s parents were pleased to learn that the medical center uses EOS imaging. EOS is a less invasive procedure than traditional X-rays, using two to three times less radiation. This is important to Isabella’s parents, as she requires X-rays every six months to monitor her scoliosis curves.

She is doing really well in her treatment. In fact so well, she's drawn pictures of herself, which I think are awesome. She's doing a great job in our facility.
Robert Cho, M.D., Shriners Children's Southern California

Recognizing the lack of knowledge about scoliosis, their goal is to be able to share Isabella’s story. “I hope that Isabella’s courageous story and generous donation to Shriners will help raise awareness about early diagnosis of scoliosis,” said her mom, Heather. “I think that many people are unaware of how serious scoliosis is and the impact it can have on one’s heart and lungs.”

Isabella’s scoliosis journey made her realize the importance of wearing her brace throughout the day. “If you don’t put on your brace, you’ll get surgery,” she said.

Join us in supporting children facing similar challenges by spreading awareness about scoliosis and sharing Isabella's story.

Isabella's Journey with Scoliosis Inspired Her Artwork

Look into Isabella's journey that led to the creation of her artwork.

Isabella wearing brace

Isabella wears her brace at home.

Isabella's drawing

Isabella's self-portrait

Isabella holding artwork at fair

Isabella at her school's Entrepreneurial Fair

magnet with Isabella's art

Self-portrait turned into magnets

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