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Honduras to Spokane: Siblings with Rare Bone Condition Treated at Shriners Children's Spokane

Shriners Children's Spokane, a leading pediatric specialty hospital, provides exceptional care to children with orthopedic conditions from around the world.

That care is giving three siblings from Honduras, all born with the same rare bone condition, a new outlook on life.

The siblings live with skeletal dysplasia, leaving them with debilitating impairments. It is a genetic condition affecting how their bones grow. In their case, it has caused their femurs and tibias to bow inward or outward. It also causes severe hip and knee pain, limiting their ability to participate in their favorite activities, like sports.

Beyond Borders: Undergoing Treatment at Shriners Children’s Spokane

The oldest sibling, Ricky, was the first to receive treatment at Shriners Children's Spokane at the age of 14. Now, his sisters, Gwendolyn and Valerie, are also receiving care under the guidance of Shriners Children’s Spokane pediatric orthopedic surgeons.

Their mother, Wendy, was devastated when she first learned about her son's condition. She struggled to find adequate medical care in Honduras, and Ricky faced many challenges, including walking.

“Over and over, I heard, there is nothing that can be done,” said Wendy. “But I am his mother and I was determined to find the best possible care.”

When Wendy learned of an outreach clinic three hours away, led by a Shriners Children’s Spokane orthopedic surgeon, Chief of Staff Glen Baird, M.D., she wasted no time setting up an appointment. While there, she learned promising news that would soon change the family’s outlook on the future. Dr. Baird said he could help, but Ricky would need to travel to Shriners Children’s Spokane for surgery and rehabilitation.

Over the course of the next year, Ricky underwent several procedures at Shriners Children’s Spokane. He also received specialized care, including physical therapy, to help him gain strength and mobility.

Before I had my surgery, I was lost. It was hard. But once I completed my surgeries, I realized I was free.

Stepping into the Future with Hope

Ricky discovered a remarkable improvement in his quality of life. He gained confidence and was able to do activities he never thought possible.

"Shriners Children's Spokane has given me a new outlook on life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to walk, and even run,” Ricky said.

"When we saw the progress Ricky made after receiving care at Shriners Children's Spokane, we knew that we had to bring our daughters here as well," Wendy said. "The doctors and staff have been so supportive, and our daughters are receiving the same exceptional care that Ricky received.”

Shriners Children's Spokane has a long history of providing care to international patients, regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status. The hospital's team of skilled doctors and specialists is experienced in treating a wide range of pediatric orthopedic conditions, including rare and complex cases. They work closely with patients and their families to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each child's unique needs, providing comprehensive care that includes medical, surgical and rehabilitation services.

"We are committed to providing the highest level of care to children,” said Dr. Baird. "Our team is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our patients. We are honored to be able to provide life-changing care to Ricky, Gwendolyn and Valerie.”

For Wendy, the care her children received at Shriners Children's Spokane has been nothing short of incredible.

"Shriners Children's Spokane has given hope to my family," she said. "We have received the best possible care and my kids are now able to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. We are forever grateful.”

Shriners Children's Spokane: The Hospital Giving Hope to Siblings from Honduras

Three siblings are undergoing treatment at Shriners Children's Spokane for a rare bone condition.

three siblings at beach, all with skeletal dysplasia

Siblings Ricky, Gwendolyn and Valerie live with the same rare bone condition.

three siblings with their mom

Siblings Ricky, Gwendolyn and Valerie, and mother Wendy visit Shriners Children's Spokane.

ricky through the years

Ricky is thriving after surgery at Shriners Children's Spokane.

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