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Lucy's Story

Thirteen-year-old Lucy’s journey with the Boston Shriners Hospital began in 2018, when she suffered second- and third-degree burns over 28% of her body due to a hot water accident while on vacation in Maine. Elisha, Lucy’s mom, said their family still raves about the high-quality care Lucy received during her initial five-week stay, when Lucy underwent surgery and grafts on her foot. “The staff was incredibly supportive in several different facets during a devastating time in our lives,” Elisha said. “They have a wonderful team approach to their care that we truly appreciate.”

This interdisciplinary team approach was especially important and impactful for Lucy, who was diagnosed a few years prior with autism and FOXG1, a rare neuro-developmental disorder. Chief of Psychiatry Services T. Atilla Ceranoglu, M.D., worked closely with Lucy throughout her stay. “The staff treated her so well and were so understanding of her developmental delays and communication issues,” Elisha recalled. “Dr. Atilla was always so supportive of us and 'Lulu' as he calls her!”

Elisha also spoke about the support the family received from Liza, their care manager. Liza made sure that Elisha and her husband, Dave, took care of themselves during Lucy’s recovery by taking breaks when needed and talking everything through. “The care management team also supported Lucy’s younger sister on what to expect and how to help,” she said. “Due to Lucy’s delays, we had to stay with her 24/7, and they were very accommodating and super helpful. We were even able to take advantage of the parent apartment at the beginning of our stay.”

The list of shout-outs from the family is long: Dr. Sheridan, nurse Rich, both nurse Debbies, nurse Guy, nurse Jen, physical therapist Brittany, and child life specialist Brooke are just a few staff members Elisha spoke fondly of. Now, whenever the family returns to visit for Lucy’s yearly follow-up, Elisha said the staff treats Lucy like a celebrity. “The staff is so special,” Elisha said. “Lucy loves visiting them.”

When she’s not making her star appearance here at the hospital, Lucy loves to race with Team Hoyt New England, shop at Target, go for car rides, spend time with friends and swim. She also participated in this Halloween season’s Virtual Haunted Walk, benefitting the Boston Shriners Hospital!

Lucy and her mom, Elisha

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